We all know that design trends come and go and then eventually come back again. It seems as if the 1970’s and its bohemian flair are making a resurgence. Back in the ‘70s all the groovy pads were full of macrame plant holders and associated greenery. Well, back by popular demand, houseplants, macrame and other handmade, woven accessories are in style once again.

Why Houseplants?

One reason for this current resurgence in houseplants is a desire to connect with nature. Today’s home buyers desire a strong relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces and houseplants can help create that seamless flow from indoors and out. While plants have never really gone out of fashion, in the recent past it was often large-scale sculptural plants. Now, smaller plants are taking center stage. It’s all about variety of styles and textures.

In addition to the cleansing, nature vibe that houseplants can bring to a home, there are also a myriad of health benefits. From reducing stress and promoting a feeling of well-being houseplants are a welcome addition in any home design. Further, houseplants are quite versatile. They can fill a corner, create a flow, and even absorb noise.

What kind of Houseplants?

But where to start? There are more varieties of houseplants available these days. Horticulturists have created houseplants that come in all types of sizes, colors, and shapes. Plants that work with all different types of home designs.

However, we realize that keeping plants alive and watered can be stressful. This is especially true in model homes where there isn’t anyone living there. Fortunately succulents and other hearty plants make it easy to keep them healthy. Further, there are a wide variety of very attractive and live-looking artificial plants that can help you achieve that natural look.

With all the psychological and physical health benefits combined with the design opportunities, it only makes sense that houseplants are back by popular demand.

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