Getting the Dish

LD & Co: Thanks for sitting down with us to do a little dish. So, let’s get down to it, how did you get into interior design? What is your backstory?

Jenn: [Exhales] Well, that’s a long story. I’ve loved building and creating things for as long as I can remember. I love art and learning and designing. Honestly, I have a plethora of degrees and certificates, I just can’t get enough.

LD & Co: Your creative interests really are expansive: from furniture making to architecture to hand crafted cards.

Jenn: Yes, it’s true. I have always loved making and building things, but never really considered it a career. My undergraduate degree is in sociology.  I was moving towards becoming a grief counselor.

LD & Co: That’s quite a stretch from interior design, how did you end up at LD & Co?

Jenn:  At that time, I was young and hadn’t experienced much loss and didn’t feel equipped to counsel others through grief.  I found myself being drawn to building and creating. It became difficult to ignore this pull and after some soul-searching I returned to school to get my Masters in Architecture. I spent seven years in the field of architecture, working with residential and commercial firms and with a design/build firm. So, we did everything from beginning to end which I truly enjoyed. Some days I would be working in the office and others I would be on the job site building wall installation art for a client! I love the variety.

LD & Co: Why did you end up leaving?

Jenn: Well, I didn’t end up leaving. Architecture and interior design are intrinsically intertwined. I just fine-tuned my interests. I found myself being more and more concerned about the details that go into a home or commercial office, and the interiors. Moving to interior design was the next obvious progression. That realization ultimately led me to LD & Co.

LD & Co: Well, we are thrilled to have you here! You bring a fresh perspective and such a unique skill set that is very much welcomed here. So, what is it about building and design that excites you? Or your favorite thing? (Can you even narrow it down to one thing?)

Jenn: I love working with people the most. I love bringing other people’s ideas to life and telling people’s stories! The concept phase is the most exciting for me because it is the information gathering phase and where the exploration begins. It is where the story begins.

LD & Co: Being able to work with our clients and help make their customers’ dreams come true is so critical. And, I think it’s what helps to set LD & Co apart from many other design firms. We are all about helping to create our clients’ ideas and dreams, it’s not about us.

Jenn: Exactly! It’s about making connections and telling our clients stories through design.

LD & Co: If you could tell your younger self something what would it be?

Jenn: I’d say Jenn, you are perfect for this time in your life – always keep exploring and learning and growing!

LD & Co: Yes, love that! Thank you so much Jenn. To see some of Jenn’s amazing creations (and all our designers) story-telling skills, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.