Merchandising Multifamily Outdoor Spaces to Create Community

Every design starts with the buyer in mind. We work to create spaces that will speak to those who will actually use them. Which can make merchandising multifamily spaces tricky. These designs need to appeal to a wide variety of wants and needs. However, we know that in addition to the developer’s goals and the prospective residents’ requirements; it is the ability to merchandise and design to create a community that is paramount for multifamily outdoor space. A sense of community not only makes for happy residents but also sells properties. To help create a community through merchandising, we adhere to the following tactics:

Fluid Living Space

The seamless connection from the inside to the outside is just as important in multifamily amenities as it is in a single-family home. Open spaces with glimpses of nature appeal to all ages and demographics. It can make a clubhouse feel comfortable and relaxed. Further, having the pool, tennis courts, or other outdoor amenities easily visible – and often heard – from the inside, can foster a sense of joy and excitement. To facilitate, we often carry the same flooring and color schemes from inside to outside. It helps create the illusion of it all being one space.


More Entertaining

Merchandising to create a fluid living space not only expands the residents’ perception of the size of their own home but also allows for more entertainment options. For example, adding an outdoor kitchen, dining area with tables and chairs, and a comfortable lounge area in a community courtyard can make entertaining simple and enjoyable (and more likely to happen).

And, if the space allows, it’s nice to create smaller dining areas proving more intimate entertaining spaces. These smaller areas are still outdoors, with access to the main outdoor area. In cooler climates, this transitional space can be a large patio off the clubhouse that’s open during the warmer months and shuts down in winter. The key is to provide levels of connection in a way that considers the climate and offers options for the residents.

Room for Games

Another important factor to consider when merchandising multifamily outdoor amenity spaces is the residents’ desire to play. Playing games helps to form bonds and create memories. We like to design these spaces with a variety of outdoor activities including pickleball, life-size chess and Jenga. Again, it’s all about the options. These types of features encourage play and help to facilitate outdoor fun and can help build strong communities.

Creating Connections

Merchandising multifamily amenity spaces take extra thought and planning. There is the overarching goal of creating a design that meets residents’ often divergent wants and needs. It must appeal to a wide audience. There is also the consideration of the prospective and future residents: the design should help sell the property and be a differentiator in the market. To help be that differentiator, the outdoor space should facilitate a sense of community. Providing residents a reason to be proud of their homes and likely to share those feelings with friends and family. Happy residents can be your best sales tools.

To learn how we can help merchandise your multifamily outdoor spaces, please contact us today.