The Enduring Importance of Model Homes

As a builder you may be asking yourself, are model homes still important? Are they worth the investment? In a word, yes. Making the investment in the overall success of your sales through a model home is still incredibly important. A thoughtfully designed and strategically merchandised model home can be the pivotal factor in your homes selling. However, the operative word there is effective. Effective model home merchandising is strategic and often more science than art.

What makes a Model Home’s Merchandising Effective?

An effectively merchandised model home takes into consideration a myriad of factors. Including, but not limited to, furniture style and scale, color palette, structural and builder selections, as well as buyer profiles and local demographics. Further, professional model home merchandisers think about traffic/walking patterns through the model. The goal being for the potential buyer to find a hook or spot that specifically resonates with them. A walk through a model home should be as well thought-out as a tour through Disney World, or a stop in a well-merchandised department store.

A professional, effective model merchandiser can create a sense of comfort and produce an “I want to live here” feeling to relax prospective buyers. Once a buyer relaxes, their state of mind begins to see the potential of a life lived in the home.

The Formula for Effective Model Merchandising

While effective model merchandising is an art, it is also part science. There are some important steps one needs to take in creating the formula for effective model merchandising. We have talked about this before, but it bears repeating. At-a-glance these are the top three components of effective and successful model merchandising:


Ideally, before the floors plans have been designed, the builder has done their research. They have determined what type, size, price point, etc. of product their buyer is looking for. Once this information is known, we build on this foundation of knowledge and conduct our own research. Our research is based on our experience, local and national trends, the builder’s budget, and the potential buyer’s expectations. Combining this with a study of the competition, the creative process then can begin.

Planning and Collaboration

Once we have a clear picture of who the buyers are, our design team works together with the builder and architect to craft a plan customized to the needs of the buyer. We review and refine it in collaboration with the builder’s team to ensure it meets with the builder’s budget needs and marketability.

Communication and (continued) Collaboration

This component is perhaps the most important. Once we have established a plan internally, we work with the builder to ensure it is the right plan before we execute. Open, clear communication and collaboration throughout the process is vital to creating a successful model home; one that is merchandised efficiently. Professional merchandising is a key part of strategic marketing and profitable home sales.

Spending the money to merchandise a model home may seem costly. However, considering the investment made in the land, construction, etc., an effectively merchandised model home is exactly what is needed to drive sales. It can be what makes all the other investments worth it. An effectively merchandised model home can be the most important selling tool of any development. The enduring importance of the model home lives on.

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