Employee anniversaries mark more than just the passage of time within an organization; they symbolize commitment, loyalty, and a shared journey towards success. It’s not merely about acknowledging years of service but recognizing the invaluable contributions individuals make to the company’s culture, growth, and achievements. Join us in celebrating three notable anniversaries we are celebrating in 2024.

Amy Miller:

  • What motivated you to stay with the company for 25 years, and how has your role evolved over time?  

I have truly “grown-up” with LD&Co, and feel I have been given so many wonderful opportunities to learn from amazing designers and to eventually experiment with my own creativity.  The projects are always changing and different, so it’s never boring or stale.  Lita of course has been an amazing mentor and I feel so fortunate to have come across her company as an intern as I was just venturing out into the many different worlds of design.  I started out running errands, and making presentation boards, to later producing all of the company’s hand drafted drawing sets.  From there I took on a junior designer role and over time learned our process and started taking on projects of my own as a designer.  Over the years as the company grew, I had the opportunity to help guide and mentor other designers as well.  

  • Reflecting on your journey here, what standout moments or projects do you cherish the most, and why?

There are too many to count!  But I would say in general it has been the times of camaraderie with my teammates, when in a crunch or under the pressure of a tight deadline that have given life to some of the most creative ideas.  I also have SO many wonderful memories of installations, where even though the work is hard and days are sometimes long, having your team to laugh with and ultimately create something beautiful that the client is ecstatic with – the end result is always the joy. 

  • In your opinion, what key factors have contributed to the company’s success, and how do you envision its future direction as you continue to be part of the team?

The people. We have always had really wonderful people at LD&CO – past & present.  It’s the people who make you want to see a project through and make it a success.  There is a heart to what we do, it’s not just production. 

Ace Gutierrez:

  • Over the past 13 years, what has kept you motivated and engaged in your role, and how has the company supported your growth and development during this time?

Over the past 13 years with LD&CO, what has kept me motivated and engaged is the daily opportunity of being surrounded by so many talented and creative individuals.  Each Designer, past and present has taught me so much about Interior Design and has even encouraged and allowed me to be involved in the design process.  And of course, working alongside Lita has been a privilege.  She has always been a great mentor and friend from the start.

  • Can you share some memorable experiences or projects from your tenure that have had a significant impact on you personally or professionally?

One memorable project was being able to work with Teresa on my first ever hospitality project, which was Kent Place.  I was able to see the in’s and out’s of such a huge design project from the very beginning and was even able to help install it at the end, which was so satisfying seeing my 2D drawings come to life.

  • Reflecting on your journey with the company, how do you think it has evolved since you first joined, and what do you envision for its future as you continue to be an integral part of the team?

Since I first joined LD&CO, I believe it has evolved to become a consistent source of creativity and ingenuity for so many types of projects, ranging from our original roots of residential model homes to now multi-family & hospitality spaces and some private residences.  I envision as we continue to grow and create, we will be able to inspire others with our designs and my hope is to continue to support our Designer’s & Lita with my ability to turn hand drawn sketches into detailed drawings that become a reality and inspiration for those who come across and experience them firsthand.

Susan Montgomery:

  • Looking back on your time with the company, what accomplishments are you most proud of achieving during this time?

The single accomplishment I am most proud of so far, is jumping back into the workforce with LD & Co.  I was at home for many years raising our family.  As our kids are getting older, I decided I was ready to be working again and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing company of talented individuals.

  • How has your experience at the company shaped your professional growth and development, and what skills or knowledge have you acquired that you find most valuable?

I am so grateful for the skills I used when I was a Designer with LD & Co.  Now, as Manager of Operations, the knowledge I have gained as far as learning the business side of LD & Co, has been invaluable.  I have been able to build on my design experience and feel I have come full circle with a much better understanding of the entire process of a project from start to finish.  Proposals, contracts, and billing are all new to me and are all very important aspects of the design field.  It has been fascinating to learn!

  • As you reflect on your journey so far, what aspects of the company’s culture or values resonate most with you, and how do you see yourself continuing to contribute to its success in the future?

The value that resonates with me the most at LD & Co. is how everyone is a team player.  We all want this company to continue to be successful and everyone honestly goes above and beyond to contribute to that success.  As Manager of Operations, I have a lot of suggestions that can assist in our office running smoothly and I look forward to implementing those ideas with the team.

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