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Dishing with a Designer: Amanda Hathaway

Getting the Dish LD & Co.: Thanks so much for sitting down with us Amanda. We know how busy everyone is these days, so thank you for taking the time to chat. So...what is your back [...]

(More) Interior Design Terms

Speaking Interior Design 201 In an attempt to foster greater collaboration between builder, architect, and designer, we recently shared an overview of some common interior design terms. We realize how important it is for everyone [...]

Fireplace Design

Fireplace Design to Heat up (the sales of) your Model Home Ever since fire was discovered, we’ve been gathering around a fireplace in one format or another. Be it inside or out, the fireplace is [...]

Effective Model Merchandising

Model Merchandising that Sells Without giving away our ‘special sauce’ we wanted to share some of the most important design features that we address when merchandising a model home. As a builder, you will want [...]

Designing to Inspire Joy

Designing a Reason to Smile in Every Model Home There is that oft repeated saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.” And while there have been many interpretations to this saying (and [...]

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