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Tips, Trends, and Updates from the World of Interior Design, Model Merchandising, and the Building Industry

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Autumn Newsletter: Building a Community

    Autumn 2021 Dear Friends, As life is (sort of) returning to normal, I find myself traveling more and attending more in-person events. All of these in-person gatherings have [...]

Construction & The Model Home

The Model Home from a Construction Point of View This interview is a slight diversion from our popular “Lessons from Legends” series. Realizing that as an interior design/model merchandising firm, [...]

How to (Successfully) Merchandise a Model Home

How to (Successfully) Merchandise a Model Home It truly takes a village to create a village. Or at least a housing development. You have the builder and/or developer, the architect, [...]

Effectively Merchandising Kids’ Bedrooms

Effectively Merchandising Kids' Bedrooms Everyone can appreciate the important role a bedroom plays in one’s life. Having your own room or having to share it with a sibling, or multiple [...]

Why Merchandising Kids’ Spaces is Important

Why Merchandising Kids’ Spaces is Important Model homes are a significant investment for a builder. And as such, every inch is important. With that in mind you may be thinking, [...]

Back to School…Back to Merchandising Basics

Back to School…Back to Merchandising Basics Depending on who you are, these three little words – back to school – can provoke feelings of excitement, dread, joy, anxiety, happiness, or [...]

Expectation vs. Presentation

Buyer Expectation vs. Presentation A prospective buyer’s dreams of homeownership, and expectations of what they can afford, are often out of sync. It is up to an interior designer/model merchandiser [...]

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