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The Power of the Powder Room

The Power of the Powder Room When talking about small rooms and otherwise forgotten rooms in a model, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up the powder room. While [...]

Lighting Design and Mood

Lighting Design and Mood As professional interior designers/model merchandisers our job is to create a design that speaks to the prospective buyer. We want to elicit a mood of belonging [...]

The Importance of Wellness-Focused Designs

At Lita Dirks & Co we take wellness very seriously and understand the importance of creating wellness-focused designs for all our clients. We take a holistic and comprehensive approach to [...]

Effective Laundry Room Design

Effective Laundry Room Design   As we’ve discussed in the past, every room in a model is an important marketing investment. And as such, each room should be designed with [...]

DIY Wall Art: A Design Trend that Sells

DIY Wall Art: A Design Trend that Sells The do it yourself, or "looks like handmade" wall art design trend is making a resurgence. And, with good reason: it sells [...]

Small Space Design…Big Ideas

Small Space Design…Big Ideas Great rooms may be great, but what about smaller spaces? Small space design requires big ideas. A model home is a marketing investment, and as such [...]

Responsive Design for Today’s Home Buyer

Responsive Design for Today's Home Buyer Providing responsive design for today's home buyer is imperative. After weeks (in some cases, months) of shelter and safer at home orders, we have [...]

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