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55+ Housing Market and Special Spaces

55+ Market and Special Spaces As we've talked about often, today's 55+ home buyer is not the same 55+ buyer of yesteryear. This influential home buying segment is younger, healthier, [...]

Wow with Window Treatments

Wow with Window Treatments Considering the importance of windows in a home's architecture, the treatment of a window should be one of the first design decisions. Sometimes the best course [...]

The Big Design Impact of Small Spaces

The Big Design Impact of Small Spaces Every nook and cranny in a model home are important. We approach every design creation with this edict in mind. We know that [...]

Healthy Design

Healthy Design Healthy design is more than just including certain materials or colors into a model home. Health and wellness is a way of living and by extension designing. We [...]

Women & The Construction/Building Industry

Women & The Construction/Building Industry March is officially designated as Women’s History Month. And as such, we thought it only apropos to celebrate women in the construction/building industry. Not a [...]

How the Economy Impacts Design Trends

How the Economy Impacts Design Trends It’s been said that design follows fashion. In other words, the trends that we see from the world of fashion heavily influence the trends [...]

Color and Design Impact

Using Color for Maximum Impact One of the most powerful tools in a designer’s toolbox is the use of color. In the hands of a professional designer, the use of [...]

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