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How to Create a Masculine-Feeling Room

Creating a Masculine-Feeling Bedroom Many homes have a male-focused den, or the "man cave" but what about the master bedroom? What do you do when you find yourselves with a buyer profile that indicates the [...]

The Importance of Collaboration

Interior Designers + Architects + Collaboration = Success (For Everyone) Having been at LD & Co. for about a year now, I feel like I am finally learning the ins and outs of the industry. [...]

Dishing with a Designer: Emily Hanson

Insight from our Interior Design Intern For those of you who have been reading our newsletters regularly, you know our monthly ritual of sitting down with a different member of the Lita Dirks & Co. [...]

Model Home Design Case Study

Creating a Suburban Respite Once upon a time, in a rustic, bucolic area of Vermont there was a dearth of quality, yet attainable, housing. Enter Snyder Homes. Known for building exceptional homes and creating wonderful [...]

Third Layer Principle

From the desk of Lita Dirks Throughout my career I have been involved in designing and merchandising close to (actually, probably over) a bazillion model homes. And, while I approach every job with a clean [...]

Dishing with a Designer: Cat McGowan

Each month we sit down with a different designer to get a little insight into how they work, their design philosophy, and the industry as a whole. We thought we’d do things a little differently [...]

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