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Effectively Merchandising Kids’ Bedrooms

Effectively Merchandising Kids' Bedrooms Everyone can appreciate the important role a bedroom plays in one’s life. Having your own room or having to share it with a sibling, or multiple [...]

Why Merchandising Kids’ Spaces is Important

Why Merchandising Kids’ Spaces is Important Model homes are a significant investment for a builder. And as such, every inch is important. With that in mind you may be thinking, [...]

Back to School…Back to Merchandising Basics

Back to School…Back to Merchandising Basics Depending on who you are, these three little words – back to school – can provoke feelings of excitement, dread, joy, anxiety, happiness, or [...]

Expectation vs. Presentation

Buyer Expectation vs. Presentation A prospective buyer’s dreams of homeownership, and expectations of what they can afford, are often out of sync. It is up to an interior designer/model merchandiser [...]

Breaking New Ground: A Model Home Case Study

Parkwood Homes Case Study: A Model Home Breaking new Ground (in more ways than one) The Foundation – a Brief Background Parkwood Homes, a family-owned and operated home builder, founded [...]

Foyers and Entryway Designs

Foyers and Entryway Designs: First Things First They say you never have an opportunity to make a second first impression. This is definitely true with relationships and with model homes. [...]

Lower Level Design

Merchandising Ideas to Bring Excitement to your Model Home's Lower Level  Our homes have never been more important. In the past year and a half our homes have been our [...]

Creating An Outdoor Oasis

Creating an Outdoor Oasis Whether it's designing to expand outdoor living space or the desire to incorporate more nature in our designs, creating an outdoor oasis in our model homes [...]

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