April, 2021

April is always such an exciting time to me. While the weather here in Denver is unpredictable, each day holds the promise of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and new beginnings. I often think to myself, maybe this is the year I actually take riding lessons! You never know…

I feel like that has been the same with our business – unpredictable but super busy and full of promise. We are grateful to be working with on-going, long-term clients while embarking on some exciting new projects and cultivating new relationships. This time of year holds so much promise.

What new and exciting things are you seeing or doing in your company (or in your life)? We’d love hear from you.


Inside this Issue



Housing Industry Legend: Elise Platt

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our conversation with Elise Platt. Elise shares her storied career and we glean some life and career lessons along the way.


55+ Housing Market & Special Spaces 

The 55+ home buying segment continues to grow in size and influence. Learn how to tap into this lucrative market by creating special spaces.


Wow with Window Treatments  

Window treatments can be the deciding factor (without anyone realizing it) in a prospective homebuyer’s buying decision. Learn how our designers use this design element to help homes sell.


In case you missed it…sharing just a sneak peek from one of our latest installs.

What we are loving this month…


If you’re feeling stressed out and need a break from the here and now, we are loving this website! It’s the ultimate mental escape. You’ll feel like you’re floating amongst the stars as you get a front seat on the International Space Station as it slowly circles the earth. The accompanying piano music is just a lovely relaxation bonus.

UPDATE: We asked and you responded! Reader’s favorite bathroom design was (pause for impact)…Design D. This gorgeous bathroom is from the award-winning Villa BXV from Fareri Associates & Gateway Development. It appears our readers want it all — a large, roomy spa-like shower with the luxurious soaking tub. (We don’t blame them.)