Introducing a new series from LD & Co: Lessons from Legends
In these periodic interviews we will talk with some legends in the home building industry. People who have not only survived, but thrived in this fickle, and at times quite turbulent, industry.
First up, a good friend to LD & Co., S. Robert August.
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Small Space Design…Big Ideas

Great rooms may be great, but what about smaller spaces? A model home is a big marketing investment, and as such every room within the model is important. And while big model homes that include a large great room or an expansive kitchen, attract a significant amount of money per square foot to merchandise, ensuring the smaller spaces are effective selling tools is equally – if not more – important. Read how our designers get creative with big ideas in small space designs.

Wall Art

The DIY wall art design trend is making a resurgence. And with good reason: it can sell homes. With all the uncertainty these days, creating a warm, serene home is more important than ever. We want our homes to be a relaxing place where we can feel nurtured, grounded, and comfortable. One way to do this is by injecting a little personality on to the walls. Learn how our designers are thinking outside the box in their wall decor to help create that cozy feeling prospective home buyers are looking for these days.

We are excited to announce another new “thing” from LD & Co. (We are always innovating here!). This will be a new video series entitled “Design Minute.” Created to provide short, informative sound bites, various members of the LD & Co design team will be sharing interior design tips, model merchandising ideas, ways to improve the designer/builder relationship, and even some behind the scenes stories. We hope these will be of value to home builders and developers alike.New videos will be released periodically so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check back often!

In case you missed it…we’ve been busy back at work on site installing model homes across the country. One of our most recent jobs was in Easton, PA where our team installed seven models (yes 7!) in a new 55+ community.

Please enjoy this short video highlighting what we do best…designing and making dreams come true!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your latest project, take a little break and check out some of these homes from around the world.

…maybe your idea wasn’t so crazy after all…