There’s nothing quite like a fireplace to create a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s often the most important focal point of a room. Therefore, to ensure your fireplace sizzles instead of fizzles, avoid these four common fireplace faux pas.

Common Fireplace Faux Pas to Avoid

Designing a Fireplace that is not in Scale 

The scale of a fireplace in relation to the room is critical. Going too small can look cheap and wimpy. It won’t create the impact you want and expect from a fireplace. Conversely, going too large can overwhelm the room. A “right-sized” fireplace will convey the impression of a cozy lifestyle to your buyers. A fireplace that is scaled properly to the room can create a strong desire to live there.

Placing a Fireplace in the Wrong Spot

Putting the fireplace in a corner is a terrible design idea. Not only can this make the design look dated, but it also makes for an awkward space.  Therefore, buyers might have a difficult time envisioning how to arrange furniture within the space. Instead, place the fireplace in the center of the space. Make it a focal point.

Not Offering up-to-date Options

Buyers want to express their individuality. Therefore, they want a fireplace that represents their lifestyle. Make sure the options you offer are varied, easy to maintain, and on trend so buyers can truly make it their own.

Not Treating the Fireplace as a Highlight Feature.

A fireplace commands attention. It deserves to be treated as a selling feature in a way that “wows” buyers when they enter the space. Make the fireplace the true focal point of the room.

Whether designed to impress, or to create a sense of romance and warmth in the room, there is no denying that a fireplace is an important feature. Your buyers will certainly appreciate a well-designed fireplace in the space they’re considering for their next home.

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