We’re thrilled to share an exciting update from a recent project that truly brought out the best in teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail. Our latest endeavor, an installation at the Epcon franchisee, Artisan Communities in The Courtyards at Stonehill Village, Beavercreek Township, Ohio, was an absolute delight from start to finish. Take a look at the journey that led to a successful installation that left both our team and clients impressed.

A Collaborative Effort

Communication has always been the cornerstone of exceptional design, and this project exemplified the power of collaboration. We were more than just a design team; we were a united force, working hand in hand with our clients. From the outset, our client, Seth Barritt, engaged with us in open dialogue, welcoming our suggestions and incorporating our input as the project progressed. This level of teamwork fostered an atmosphere of trust, ensuring that the final result would reflect the aspirations and vision of both parties.

Designing for Lasting Memories

Our goal for this project was clear: to create an installation that would leave an indelible mark on everyone who walked through it. To achieve this, we meticulously curated design elements that would become memorable touchpoints. The finishes and furnishings were carefully selected to infuse each space with character and charm. Patterns danced across the fireplace and laundry room tiles, while accent shiplap, built-ins, and plaid paint detailing in bed 3 introduced a captivating contrast.

Yet, it was the thoughtful inclusion of statement art pieces that truly captured the essence of the project. The photograph of a dog in the laundry room, reminiscent of a beloved family pet, evoked heartwarming emotions. Sculptural leaves in the den brought a touch of nature indoors, blurring the lines between the outside world and the comforts of home.

Layers of Creativity

As visitors stepped into the living room, their eyes were drawn to an unexpected focal point – layered rugs that sparked conversations and garnered admiration. These intricate layers not only added visual interest but also invited touch, providing an interactive element that engaged everyone who encountered them. The layered rugs became more than just floor coverings; they became conversation starters, weaving the narrative of the space into a rich tapestry of experiences.

The Seamless Outdoor Connection

A strong connection with nature has the power to transform any interior space into a haven of tranquility. In this installation, we merged the indoors and outdoors seamlessly, creating a harmonious flow that invited nature to become a guest of honor. Greenery was thoughtfully integrated into the main entertaining areas, while the western window slider opened up to reveal a captivating courtyard vista, adorned with swaying trees. This design choice not only brought the beauty of nature indoors but also expanded the perception of space, making the model feel larger and more inviting.

Being a part of this exceptional collaborative team fills us with gratitude. Reach out to us for deeper insights into our innovative design and installation process. Our expertise lies in crafting and curating model homes that evoke the very essence of homeownership dreams. We specialize in setting our clients’ homes and amenities ahead of the competition, ultimately increasing sales.