Designing a Reason to Smile in Every Model Home

There is that oft repeated saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.” And while there have been many interpretations to this saying (and several people attributed to its origin), for us, this saying has a special meaning. To us we see a place for everything to mean that every model home is an opportunity to inspire joy. We include a ‘reason to smile’ in every model home. Further, we interpret this saying by ensuring we not only design our clients’ model homes to inspire joy but also dreams of home ownership.

Putting a Smile in Every Model 

Regardless of the buyer profile, every model home should help excite, embrace, and relax the potential buyer. The design should help the sales agent by inviting the potential buyer to come in, enjoy, and find comfort in visiting and staying in the model. The more comfortable they feel, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to make a purchase.  So it follows then that designing a smile in every model helps the buyers feel comfortable and instills a desire to purchase.

Entry Designs

We design the entry of the model home to welcome the buyer and make it feel like once they step over the threshold, they are a part of the community. The design should be relevant to the neighborhood. An immediate engagement (aka smile) encourages the buyer to move on to discover beyond the entry. Some design tactics we’ve used in the past to elicit a smile within the entry include a whimsical light fixture, a colorful accent rug, or a playful mirror.

A bit of whimsy greets you as soon as you enter this TOA model in Cranberry, PA.

Great Room and Kitchen Designs

When moving past the entry it is important to capture a focal point as quickly as possible. What will they see they pass the entry? Making that a special memory, be it a window to a view beyond, a fireplace, or an inviting kitchen. It is important to build on that image to engage the buyer with ideas of how happy they’d feel living in there. Some ways to create a smile in the great room and kitchen include: putting a tray on an island to demonstrate the party in their future; a small pillow with a fun color, or a mug on a tray that might make them smile.

Buyers will want to gather around this island and create memories in this Parkwood Homes, CO model.

Additionally including a special homework nook, or cozy arts and crafts area is sure to elicit a smile from any parent or grandparent walking through your model.

A special place where kids will actually want to do their homework or play games in this Regal Homes, UT model.

Stairwells and Long Hallway Designs

Stairwells and long hallways are the ideal spot to highlight memories not yet experienced. This is a blank palate for our designers to inspire dreams and provoke smiles. Including pictures of group family shots, pets, and travel are always appreciated. Additionally, highlighting children or grandchildren’s masterpieces is sure to inspire many a smile.


Capturing smiles in this Cranberry, PA model from Traditions of America.

Designing a Place for Fun

Creating a place within the model home that promotes fun and relaxation always elicits a smile. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to live in a house that is fun? This may manifest in designing a seamless indoor/outdoor living space or creating an outdoor oasis. Or, perhaps it is creating a game room.


A fun spot for the kids (of all ages) to play in this Regal Homes, UT model.


Next Adventure award winning 55+ single family home patio with outdoor fireplace and lounge area

Seamless indoor/outdoor space in the Taylor Morrison NEXTadventure Home.


Creating places that inspire dreams of a certain lifestyle is what we do as interior designers and merchandisers. To that end, designing a ‘reason to smile’ in every model home creates an environment of joy and instills a desire to live there.

To learn more about how our team can design your next model to inspire joy, please contact us today. And, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see some of our work in action.