As confetti fills the air and streamers dance around the office, we gather to celebrate the remarkable Amy Miller, the beacon of creativity and elegance at Lita Dirks & Co. With her keen eye for detail and a knack for turning spaces into dreams, Amy has been the guiding force behind countless breathtaking interior designs.

For 25 years, she’s infused every project with passion, innovation, and a touch of magic that leaves clients in awe. From cozy cottages to lavish penthouses, Amy’s signature style shines through, transforming ordinary places into extraordinary havens. Here’s to Amy Miller, the maestro of design, as she embarks on another splendid chapter of her journey!

Amy was presented with a special 25th anniversary gift, please take a look for your name or company name, it might be in there!

Join us in congratulating Amy, and contact us to discuss your next project. Our team is ready to take your project to new heights! We design and merchandise model homes and amenity spaces that elicit dreams of home ownership and a lifestyle worth living, set our client’s product apart from the competition, and help homes sell.