While wallpaper remains popular among home builders and designers, it’s true power is often overlooked. When done right, wallpaper can make all the difference in a home sale. Wallpaper can help your model home stand out from the competition. To harness this power — the wow of wallpaper — our designers keep in mind the following:

Patterns are Plentiful  

There are so many wallpaper patterns these days. It’s important to consider all the options available. From a classic brick design to geometric shapes, the right pattern in a wallpaper can inject a powerful punch into any space.

Personality Prevails with Murals

We are seeing wallpaper murals a lot these days. Considering how easily they can be created it makes sense to use them when appropriate. Murals offer unlimited options for personalized creations. For example, you can incorporate highly-customized options in a children’s room as an educational tool (think world map). Or, you can include in an office to create a personalized accent. Really, you can use a wallpaper mural just about anywhere to create a striking, unique feature. And, help that model home stand out.

A Multitude of Materials

For years, vinyl was the only option for wallpaper material. Today, vinyl is still the most commonly used material. However, there are endless possibilities now. From embossed, to grass cloth, to non-woven, and eco-friendly, there are so many options.

Maximizing Metallic

Want to create a dramatic look? Consider metallic wallpaper. While it is best when used in small amounts, this type of finish creates a glamorous accent that won’t overwhelm your buyer.

Wallpaper has the ability to wow a potential home buyer. It can add drama and personality to your interiors. Harness that wow and let it highlight the space and shine through to your buyers.

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