From botanical prints to stone patterns and everything in between, wallpaper continues to remain popular among home builders, buyers and designers alike. Here are four great options to help your buyers discover the wow of wallpaper.

The Pow of Patterns

Patterned wallpaper can be as basic as a classic brick design or carry a more playful personality with geometric shapes or a hint of sparkle. With a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, patterned wallpaper certainly injects a powerful punch into any space.

Personality Prevails With Murals

With the invention of digital printers and large-scale machines, wallpaper murals offer unlimited options for personalized creations. These customized options can be used in a children’s room as an educational tool (think world map), in an office to create a personalized accent, or just about anywhere to provide striking memory points.

A Multitude of Materials

While vinyl is the most commonly used material, there are endless possibilities when it comes to which type of paper to use. Embossed, grass cloth, non-woven and eco-friendly, with such a vast variety, wallpaper offers a great opportunity to help set you apart.

Maximizing Metallics

For a sophisticated and dramatic look, metallic wallpaper is a great choice. Best when used in small amounts, this type of finish creates a glamorous accent that won’t overwhelm your buyer.

Wallpaper continues to be a tried-and-true option when adding impact and personality to your interiors. Don’t be afraid to let it highlight your space and shine through to your buyers.

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