More than ever, consumers are being influenced by media platforms such as HGTV and Pinterest. As a result, builders need to be more style savvy than their potential buyers and showcase this understanding in their design centers. Below are five simple ideas to create a dazzling design center.

Less is More

When a home buyer walks into a design center, the fewer distractions the better. Choosing selections is extremely personal and can be quite stressful. Therefore, it’s critical a home buyer isn’t overwhelmed by options. While at the same time, they do need to see variety. It’s essential that the home buyer has a clear understanding of the products available in an atmosphere that inspires creativity.

Selections should Shine

Products should be presented clearly with plenty of opportunity for easy interaction. Display shelves are a simple and effective way to highlight the star of the show. And, with large-scale samples positioned at the appropriate height and angle, home buyers will be able to browse options easily. Along with shelving, a well-lit, large work area allows consumers to interact freely with cabinet, counter top, and flooring choices.

Vignettes Paired with a Smart Sales Team

Much like a model home, vignettes help showcase how potential selections would look when installed. This not only satisfies the consumers need to visualize options, it’s also a simple and effective way for them to compare and contrast. Further, vignettes are an awesome approach for the sales team to spark conversation. A knowledgeable sales team should educate consumers on why they may choose to invest in a selection and guide the home owner to understanding product differences.

Keep the Customer Comfy

Again, the selection process is personal, time-consuming and, above all, exhausting. Taking breaks during selections will be a must, as a result, providing a place where home buyers can retreat and relax (away from the products) is essential. Offering beverages and snacks is a seriously simple and smart move. Also, make sure to accommodate the design center with private spaces as families may want time to discuss among themselves in order to make a final decision.

Deliver a Consistent Message

Contemporary to traditional, what may work for one builder’s design center doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for all. There should be a consistent and cohesive feel between a builder’s model home, sales office, amenity spaces, and design center. Above all, know the buyer. First time home buyers may feel intimidated and uncomfortable with a design center fully of flashy, high-end products. However, this type of design center may spark excitement for a Baby Boomer who is ready to spend a bit more on showy selections.

An effective design center is both stylish and smart. For more design ideas on how to create a dazzling design center and how an interior merchandiser can help, please contact us today. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.