No matter what you call it, a bonus area, multipurpose room, or flex space, this area is the perfect place for an interior merchandiser to illustrate to a potential buyer different options on how to maximize a home’s square footage. But what exactly does a flex space need, to be fully functional and appeal to potential home buyers? The following are four design ideas that can help you create a fabulous flex space.

Let Light Shine!

Create an open, airy environment by taking full advantage of natural light. Home owners want a private escape to watch the big game, dive into a book, or possibly create crafts. As a result, features such as large windows or sliding glass doors produce a bright and refreshing flex room they’ll want to use.

Smart Storage Solutions

With multiple functions, comes multiple amounts of “stuff.” Since a majority of these rooms have a slightly smaller square footage, flex areas must embrace smart storage solutions that keep clutter clear and the space spotless. Built-ins, as well as custom cabinetry, are inventive ways to achieve storage needs.

Merchandising Matters

It’s important to highlight how a flex space can address a variety of purposes. For example, with creative design and thoughtful merchandising, such as a swing out desk paired with a Murphy bed, a room can embrace a stunning home study as well as a gorgeous guest suite.

Create Customization

Buyers crave the capability to customize. By planning and offering options to customize a flex space a home owner can truly design the room to meet their needs, whether this is a game room, guest suite, home office, etc.

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