Great news, you’ve decided to work with an interior design firm. Now what? We can help. With over 24 years of creating award-winning designs, we’ve helped hundreds of clients be successful. Along the way we have learned a few things. Below are tips on how to work with an interior design firm.

Please keep in mind, this list is specific to Lita Dirks & Company. Other firms may operate differently

Engage Early 

Experience has shown us that the earlier we start working together the better. Ideally, we start during the development of your branding. Before the floor plans are finalized. When you engage early, you can take advantage of our complimentary floor plan critique service. This service can help enhance your plan’s livability and ultimately, profitability. At a minimum, plan for a 13-week timeline.

Understand the Process

Even before the first drawing is sketched, we start researching and gathering information. This is so we can comprehend fully your vision, goals, challenges, budget, and timelines.

Using all the information gathered, we then develop your buyer profile and provide floor plan critiques (if desired).

Then, it’s presentation time. Realizing it is difficult for many to visualize a design, we always provide as many details as possible in the concept presentation. Details such as color and fabric selections for each space. Furniture selections and multiple layout options are also shared. In addition, we will elevate (or draw) all areas where we’ve added design elements such as built-ins, wall, and/or ceiling details, etc. Again, this is to help bring our concepts to life.

Our ultimate goal is to create a finished product that creates excitement and stimulates sales. However, we know the key to a successful project is collaboration. As such, we always encourage client input.

Prepare for the Installation Process 

Approximately three weeks from the installation date, you will receive an installation confirmation form. This is to ensure the site is ready. And, to mitigate any confusion about install timing and expectations. At this point in the process, it is all on our team. Our purchasing agents coordinate the storage and delivery of all items. While our designers are on the ground overseeing every detail of the installation.

Depending on the scope of the project, it takes between two and five days to move everything, and install it properly. On the last day of the install, we do a walk through to ensure you are completely satisfied. Any necessary changes, additions, etc. are done as quickly as possible.  

Typically, after the install, the builder will hire a professional photographer to document the project. Once we receive the professional photos, we share on all our social channels to help market your product.

Then, we all celebrate a job well done!

Hire a Well-Respected Design Firm 

Seems obvious, but many builders end up going with the cheapest option. Quality, reliability, and a proven track record will end up saving money in the long run. Hiring a proven design firm such as Lita Dirks & Co., ensures you will get the designs you want. Designs that will help your product sell. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for over 24 years, with many of our clients being repeat business. 

Furthermore, we offer additional services for free as part of our D3 Program, including: 

• Floor plan/livability critiques
• Recommendations to improve curb appeal and entrance 
Marketing and branding input
Sales team walk-throughs of models
Alternative furniture layout suggestions for buyers
Design tips, trends, and resources for buyers
Assistance coordinating project professional photography

Over the years we’ve developed extremely effective processes and systems. As such, we can work remotely incredibly efficiently. In fact, over the past 20 plus years, we’ve completed hundreds of highly successful long-distance design projects.

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