Merchandising Ideas that Promote a

Sense of Wellness

Today’s home buyers want to feel like their new home will help them live a certain lifestyle: a life in which health and wellness play a prominent role. They want to feel good about living in their new home, as though their homes will help them not just live but thrive. Fortunately good, effective merchandising can help promote a sense of wellness by thoughtfully highlighting what can often go unnoticed. To achieve this sense of wellness, there are several areas in which merchandising can make a big impact, including lighting, physical wellness, spiritual and mental wellness, and conscious consumption.


Lighting plays an important role in our overall wellness. The impact on lack of light and seasonal depression, for example, has substantial scientific evidence to support the reality of this phenomenon. Further, it is an area in which merchandising can have a significant impact.

Our general strategy in lighting and merchandising to improve a sense of wellness is the more natural light the better. And, if we can’t add more windows we can use the glazing to our interior advantage and reflect it as often as possible. We believe in promoting the power of natural light. That may mean using little to no drapery in our designs. It could also mean designing in such a way that draws the buyers’ eyes to the windows making them the most prominent feature of a room. We like to draw the buyer’s eye beyond the glass of a door or a window to expand visual space while highlighting the interiors at the same time, growing the perceived square footage. A brighter, lighter interior feels more open and healthier.

While natural light is ideal, it obviously isn’t available all the time, so that’s where the lighting fixtures, placement, and coloring come into play. We select decorative light fixtures that complement the overall design objectives and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. While placing them strategically to add drama, memory, and enhance builder features.

However, decorative lighting is only a part of adding to the feeling of wellness. Using well-placed task lighting can help reduce stress in both the kitchen and bath. Under-cabinet lighting can help ease the eyes while working at the counter. And in primary and powder baths try using sconces that hang at approximately eye level or slightly above. A strip light above can cast unflattering shadows which definitely doesn’t add to a feeling of wellness. Further, the color of the lighting is important in how it makes you look and in how it makes you feel. For example, the blue tint of the cooler light may not be as flattering on faces but the mid-range is.

Physical Wellness

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is physical wellness. We can merchandise a model to show the potential for the space and promote opportunities for physical activities such as wellness:

  • a place to do the Peloton or yoga
  • a place to lift weights
  • storage for their favorite hobby


This can be as small as a nook in the bedroom, an extra bedroom, or space on the lower level. By demonstrating in the model the ability to work out and stay healthy at home shows you know what’s important to your buyers. It proves to the buyer that they can have control over their own wellbeing.

Spiritual and Mental Wellness

A healthy lifestyle is more than just physical wellness. A truly healthy life is one that includes attention paid to spiritual and mental well-being. Merchandising to promote these activities include creating areas within the home where the owner can have their special spaces such as:

  • a reading or hobby space,
  • a soaking bath,
  • invigorating shower
  • a space for the routine of gratitude and morning coffee
  • A “me” space!

It can look different for everyone, but from the merchandising perspective, encouraging and depicting simple moments of the day that allow for connectedness to self and purpose can be key.

Another way to promote mental wellness through merchandising is by showing how buyers can be organized and efficient. Clutter can create stress and anxiety, but depicting an organized space allows buyers to see that they too can be clutter-free and productive in their new home.

Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption, being aware of what we are buying and using, is another important factor for many homebuyers. Today, consciously making purchasing choices that help promote a healthy environment and a sense of personal wellness is a movement that is only gaining in popularity. To support that movement, as merchandisers we are suggesting spaces that have under sink recycling and composting receptacles. We are using natural and recycled materials and sustainable textiles when possible. It’s the little touches that show you care.

Effective Merchandising

Living a lifestyle that embodies health and wellness is paramount to today’s buyers. They are looking for homes that make them feel good about themselves and the world in general. Through strategic and effective merchandising, we can provide that. To do so, we focus on four main areas:

  • Lighting
  • Physical Wellness
  • Spiritual and Mental Wellness
  • Conscious Consumption

Thought-out and impactful merchandising can help promote a sense of wellness. Effective merchandising highlights the home, its healthy function, and your commitment to your buyers’ vision of a life of happiness, good health, and wellness.

To learn how we can merchandise your model home to help promote a sense of wellness, please contact us today.