Thank goodness we’ve parted ways with popcorn ceilings. Now it’s time to look beyond the basics and create ceiling designs that dazzle. We’ve developed six simple solutions to add extraordinary and eye catching characteristics that will elevate your ceiling designs.

Cool with Coffered

For a larger, formal room (especially one with high ceilings), a coffered ceiling application can elevate the elegance. With a simple grid, either painted or stained, the eye is automatically drawn upward to the added dimension. To further enhance the illusion of spaciousness within a room, install narrow beams closer to the ceiling.

Brilliantly Beamed

Interiors with exposed or painted beams portray an immediate and powerful architectural element. Either stain the wood for a beautifully rustic finish or apply a color to complement the room’s overall styling.

The Value of Vaulted

Lose the cramped and crowded. Sky-high ceilings allow light to shine while adding a sense of grandeur to the space. You can take the vaulted ceiling to an even greater level by applying paneling or beams to add dimension and contrast.

Rejoice with Recessed

Recessed ceilings, also known as tray ceilings, are an effective way to break up interiors and emphasize the impressive height of a room. Strategically chosen lighting, applied trim or color within a recessed space can strongly accentuate and enrich a room.

Playful Paint

Paired with any of these dramatic design ideas, paint is a powerful approach to add contrast. Try a bold shade for a visual punch or softer tones to subtly highlight areas and add depth.

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