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Tips, Trends, and Updates from the World of Interior Design, Model Merchandising, and the Building Industry

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Naturalistic Design and the Model Home

Naturalistic Design and the Model Home The desire to bring nature into our homes is not new. For generations, we have loved how the outdoors make us feel. Intuitively understanding [...]

Design Trends

Design Trends Emotion sells, we know this. Countless studies have shown that emotions decide most purchasing decisions. And interior merchandising at its core, about evoking emotions in a buyer. Therefore, [...]

Color Trends

Color Trends Every forecast discussion on interior design trends isn’t complete without touching on new colors. The following is our summary. Evergreen Fog. Breezeway. October Mist. These are what Sherwin-Williams, [...]

Design Themes 2022

Overarching Design Themes The overarching design themes we see emerging for 2022 are a continuation of what we saw in 2021, and a direct result of the pandemic. Health and [...]

Autumn Newsletter: Building a Community

    Autumn 2021 Dear Friends, As life is (sort of) returning to normal, I find myself traveling more and attending more in-person events. All of these in-person gatherings have [...]

Construction & The Model Home

The Model Home from a Construction Point of View This interview is a slight diversion from our popular “Lessons from Legends” series. Realizing that as an interior design/model merchandising firm, [...]

How to (Successfully) Merchandise a Model Home

How to (Successfully) Merchandise a Model Home It truly takes a village to create a village. Or at least a housing development. You have the builder and/or developer, the architect, [...]

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