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Do you Speak Interior Design?

Speaking Interior Design Sure, you probably know terms like drapery and sconce, but what about arabesque or jute? There are a multitude of interior design terms that professionals use on a regular basis. And, if [...]

Ten Steps to Mastering the Interior Merchandising Process

Creating a Show-Stopping Product Successful interior merchandising goes far beyond furniture, art, and accessories. It's about highlighting great architectural elements, emphasizing livability, and developing design for the targeted buyers. Interior merchandising is also a vital [...]

The Importance of Collaboration

Interior Designers + Architects + Collaboration = Success (For Everyone) Having been at LD & Co. for about a year now, I feel like I am finally learning the ins and outs of the industry. [...]

Dishing with a Designer: Emily Hanson

Insight from our Interior Design Intern For those of you who have been reading our newsletters regularly, you know our monthly ritual of sitting down with a different member of the Lita Dirks & Co. [...]

Model Home Design Case Study

Creating a Suburban Respite Once upon a time, in a rustic, bucolic area of Vermont there was a dearth of quality, yet attainable, housing. Enter Snyder Homes. Known for building exceptional homes and creating wonderful [...]

Third Layer Principle

From the desk of Lita Dirks Throughout my career I have been involved in designing and merchandising close to (actually, probably over) a bazillion model homes. And, while I approach every job with a clean [...]

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