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Creating An Outdoor Oasis

Creating an Outdoor Oasis Whether it's designing to expand outdoor living space or the desire to incorporate more nature in our designs, creating an outdoor oasis in our model homes is important. We want potential [...]

Importance of a Buyer Profile

In the not too recent past, simply having a model home was often enough to set you apart from other builders. Times have changed. Staying competitive requires builders provide a strategically designed and artfully merchandised [...]

Incorporating Color and Nature in Design

Color, Nature, and Design Biophilia or the love of nature, is the concept that humans are innately attracted to nature. And as such are drawn to all things in the natural world. It follows then [...]

Dishing with a Designer: Cassy Weber

Each month we sit down with a different designer to get a little insight into them, their process, and the industry as a whole. This month’s dish is courtesy of Senior Designer, Cassy Weber. In addition [...]

Designing Outdoor Areas to Expand Living Spaces

We often talk about the impact of bringing the outdoors into the interior design of a home. However, just as important is expanding the living area by extending the indoors to the outside. Designing in [...]

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