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Six Simple Design Ideas to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

As interior designers we create dreams and inspire imaginations. One room in which many prospective buyers like to dream about  is the master bath. When designing our model homes,we know that creating a zen-like bathroom [...]

Ways to Give a Neutral Décor Some Dazzle

Given it's flexibility, neutral decor is a common design choice. From soft grays to smoky lavender, neutrals are popular choices in furniture, art, paint, accessories, and more. But how can those peaceful havens of muted [...]

Five Ideas to Create a Dazzling Design Center

More than ever, consumers are being influenced by media platforms such as HGTV and Pinterest. As a result, builders need to be more style savvy than their potential buyers and showcase this understanding in their [...]

Dishing with a Designer: Amy Miller

Each month we sit down with a different designer to get a little insight into them, their process, and the industry as a whole. This month's dish is courtesy of Senior Designer, Amy Miller. How [...]

Five Simple Design Ideas to Help a Home Office Shine

Whether running a business, managing the family’s finances, or conquering homework, today’s home offices have become an integral space. To help meet the needs and desires of homeowners we’ve developed five simple design ideas to [...]

Design a Bedroom Sanctuary

The bedroom can be the perfect oasis from the hectic and crazy world of daily life. To conjure a relaxing, escape-from-it-all feeling, our team has used the following bedroom design techniques. Try incorporating some of [...]

Creative Options to Add Flare to a Feature Wall

For years now the inexpensive option of paint has been the "go-to" for creating a feature wall in homes. But lately designers are starting to rely less on paint. They are exploring other creative options [...]

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