As interiors continue to embrace powerful colors, with a move from beiges and grays to jewel-tone and warm, monochromatic schemes, so will decorative artwork. As we round the corner into the last part of 2022, we are seeing a shift away from safe neutral tones to more adventurous palettes. Explore our top six wall art trends we foresee taking off in 2023!

Abstract and Colorful

Abstract and colorful is all the rage in the art world. This trend is deeply rooted in color psychology and directly affects how our wall art makes us feel. Going for the colorful look isn’t about just going wild or random, carefully think about how the color and shape will match the room and target market. 

Black and White Murals

Monochrome color schemes are a timeless classic that are here to stay. Classic, striking, and far from boring, black and white murals can really make a statement.

Highlight Your Own Art Collection

Maybe it’s a piece you have painted, or maybe even your kid has. Maybe it’s affordable art from charity shops or antique stores — if it’s something you like — and tells your story, then it’s perfect!

Ceramic Wall Art

Ceramic wall art can transmit a feeling of casualness, of relaxation, and of local crafts. The vibe is relaxed, light, and effortless, which is what people want to feel when they come home. Thoughtfully hanging ceramics is a popular look, and brings with it a touch of rustic farmhouse without going to twee (without being too quaint 😉).

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