A true Poughkeepsie, New York gem, the Grandview Elegant Events Cottage was an enchanting journey into the realm of hospitality design, aimed at creating an unforgettable experience for brides and wedding parties on their big day. This venture allowed us to infuse each space with a touch of magic, ensuring every turn became an “Instagram-able” moment.

Our focus began with designing a warm and cozy environment to embrace brides and their entourage. A window seat, surrounded by four comfortable swivel chairs around a marble cocktail table, was meticulously placed to provide a space for intimate conversations and moments of reflection. This carefully crafted setting aimed to set the tone for the joyous occasion that awaited within the walls of the cottage.

The heart of the cottage’s transformation lay in the dressing room – a space where brides could prepare for their special day in utmost comfort and style. A full-size three-way mirror adorned the room, allowing brides to admire every angle of their stunning attire. Specially provided hooks were strategically placed, offering the perfect solution for hanging dresses and capturing those essential pre-wedding snapshots. The dressing room became a haven for brides, complete with hair and makeup vanities boasting oversized mirrors and front-facing lighting, ensuring they felt like royalty as they prepared to walk down the aisle.

Understanding the importance of sustenance during the pre-wedding preparations, we incorporated a small yet well-equipped snack bar. Featuring a beverage cooler and sink, this space was designed to accommodate pre-wedding snack trays and lunches. A carefully arranged dining area, complete with a table and chairs, offered the perfect spot for a quick bite before the ceremony. This thoughtful addition aimed to ensure that the bridal party felt pampered and well taken care of throughout the day.

The Grandview Elegant Events Cottage also boasts a garden balcony, accessible through double French doors. A curving staircase with an iron railing leads down to the outdoor ceremony area, providing yet another breathtaking moment for the bride’s grand entrance. This picturesque setting serves as a captivating backdrop for both candid and posed photographs, immortalizing the magical moments of the wedding day.

The creation of the Grandview Elegant Events Cottage was such a charming and fun project, and it allowed us to showcase our expertise in versatile design. Every detail was meticulously planned to create an atmosphere that not only met but exceeded the expectations of brides and wedding parties. As an interior design company, we take pride in our ability to turn dreams into reality, and the Grandview Elegant Events Cottage stands as a testament to our commitment to creating enchanting spaces for life’s most special moments.

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