Design Trends

Emotion sells, we know this. Countless studies have shown that emotions decide most purchasing decisions. And interior merchandising at its core, about evoking emotions in a buyer. Therefore, as merchandisers, we interpret the design trends in a positive emotional way.

Buyers are looking for their next home to achieve a need but also to fulfill a fantasy, a dream lifestyle. They want stability, health, wellness, and connections within a calm and joy-filled life. The desire for them to feel good about, and in, their home, is not a fad, but an enduring trend. To elicit these feelings in buyers, we anticipate the following design trends will be popular in 2022:


Individualism, personalization, and unique styling are all ways the trend of authenticity presents itself in design. Buyers want to see themselves within a home. Whether it is a model that illustrates how one can personalize the space or the mixing of design styles, authentic design allows prospective buyers to see how they can incorporate their own personality within the home.

Unique and often surprising features or accessories characterize the authentic design style. Furniture may be an intriguing mix of old, even weathered items and more modern ones. Fabrics and accessories may include bright prints, and patterns, creating a cheerful ambiance of the free-spirited lifestyle. Authentic design shows that every homeowner can find their voice within their home. A true eclectic blend of everything someone may love.


Bringing the outside in and emphasizing the importance of nature and our connection to it, is what biophilic design is all about. Water features, plants, and the use of natural materials as design elements are also characteristic of biophilic design. This trend which began in earnest in 2021, shows no sign of waning in importance in 2022. Whether it is the inclusion of tile that mimics the roughness of a tree trunk or the soft curves of a sofa that resemble the waves of the ocean, or inclusion of earth elements, biophilic design will be prominent in 2022.



Similar to biophilic, naturalistic design is nature-focused and a result of our desire for our homes and our lives to be healthier in all aspects. This style includes the use of natural materials such as wood and stone over synthetic materials like plastics. Further, handmade crafts and the use of earth elements such as fire and water are prominent in naturalistic designs.



Stripping things down to their basics, minimalism offers us an aesthetic that relies on the efficiency of the design. Unlike in years past, this incarnation of minimalism has a softness to it. It is less about rigidity and more about clean lines and smart consumption. Elements and motifs are kept to a bare minimum with subdued colors.


Global Touches

With our ability to travel restricted the past year or so, the trend of global touches influencing interior design has become apparent. If we can’t leave our homes, let’s bring the world to our homes. We can see the rise in this trend by the prominence of Japandi and Hygge design among other cultural influences. In addition, we will see the global touches through colors and fabrics that remind us of the Sahara, bright accessories from the tropics, and rustic metals that conjure visions of old-world Europe. Raw woods, hanging baskets, knotted fabrics, and other design elements will help create a global, cultural feel to designs in 2022.


Today’s buyers are demanding so much more from their homes. They want a new home that will keep them happy and healthy. And they want it to inspire them to live a certain lifestyle. To help fulfill that dream in 2022 we, as merchandisers, will work to create designs using the design trends of authentic, biophilic, naturalistic, minimalism, and global touches.