Each month we sit down with a different designer to get a little insight into them, their process, and the industry as a whole. This month’s dish is courtesy of Senior Designer, Amy Miller.

Lita Dirks & Company Senior Designer and Project Manager, Amy MillerHow did you get started in the Interior Design Industry?

LD & Co: Thanks for sitting down to dish. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate these days, so we appreciate you taking the time to chat. So…what is your origin story? How, why, did you get into the world of interior design?

Amy: Well I actually started college as an architecture major. But it just took one physics class for me to realize that being an architect wasn’t for me. However, the opposite happened with interior design. One class and I was hooked. I just knew it was the right fit for my skills and interests.

LD & Co: How did you end up at LD & Co.?

Amy: While I was still in school getting my interior design degree, we had a guest speaker talk to us about designing model homes. I didn’t even realize that was a thing. Once I learned about that aspect of the industry, I did a little research and quickly learned about LD & Co. and how they were a leader in that space. I was initially hired on as an intern, over 20 years ago! I’m still here but no longer an intern.

LD & Co.: [laughing] Definitely not an intern. As a senior designer you are seen as a leader in the company. So what is it about interior design that keeps your interest? Twenty years at anything is a long time.

Amy: I love that every project is different. Even if I’m working on my 50th model home design, it’s completely different than the 49 that proceeded it. Every job is a new challenge with different styling needs, different buyer profiles, different budgets…it’s never boring. And, I love space planning and interior architecture. I love solving the floor plan “puzzle” and making rooms more livable.

Any design trends you wish weren’t so popular?

LD & Co.: Is there any trend you’ve seen in the industry that you wish wasn’t a trend?

Amy: Well, this is sort of old school, but I really enjoy sketching designs by hand. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the role of technology and it does help us do our jobs. But, I just love hand drawing. It makes the sketches feel real. And, it allows clients to be more involved in the design because you can make changes on the fly. They don’t like where you put a sofa? It’s easy, erase it and move it.

What is something you wish builder/architects knew about working with designers?

LD & Co.: You’ve worked with a lot of builders and architects over the years. What is something you wish they knew or understood about working with an interior designer?

Amy: That we can make their plans better. We have a handle on what really works in a space. We understand that small tweaks here or there can make a huge difference in a room’s function and how livable the space is.

LD & Co.: Thanks Amy. To see some of Amy’s latest projects, please visit our website. And, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.