The anticipation is building as the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show is just weeks away! This year promises to be an exciting one, especially with the eagerly awaited education sessions featuring industry experts Lita Dirks and Erin Hurley. The dynamic duo is set to share their wealth of knowledge and insights, making it an event not to be missed. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in store for attendees:

The Power of Interior Design in Sales Success – A Deep Dive into Interior Aesthetics

Join Lita Dirks and Adrienne Albert as they take a deep dive into the world of interior design and its profound impact on sales success. This dynamic duo, consisting of an expert interior designer and a seasoned marketer, will unveil strategies for builders to enhance their product’s interior presentation and boost sales. Through engaging discussions and captivating photographs, the session will highlight design features that resonate with today’s diverse buyers on a personal and inspirational level.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Explore the latest interior design trends and their strategic connection to sales success.
  • Understand how a well-designed interior creates emotional connections with potential homebuyers.
  • Learn about new design aesthetic trends and their role in elevating perceived property value.
  • Implement interior design trends to differentiate properties in a competitive market.

2024 Kitchen Trends: Buzzworthy Design Ideas Buyers Want 

The kitchen has long been recognized as the heart of the home, and its design can significantly influence a buyer’s decision. In this session, Erin Hurley, Sarah McDaniel, and Mallika Thomas will guide attendees through the latest trends in kitchen design. From styles and colors to finishes and appliances, get ready to explore the elements that turn a kitchen into a buyer’s dream. The experts will present cutting-edge research and share practical insights, drawing from their experiences in interior design, architecture, and finish expertise.

Key Takeaways:

  • What defines a functional and beautiful kitchen in today’s market?
  • Insights into the latest trends in appliances, faucets, lighting, and hard finishes.
  • Features and design elements that motivate prospects to make a purchase.
  • Merchandising and marketing tactics to appeal to diverse buyer segments.

Connect with Us at IBS!

As the excitement builds for the International Builders’ Show, don’t forget to register and secure your spot for these enlightening education sessions. Lita Dirks and Erin Hurley are thrilled to connect with fellow industry professionals after their events, on the showroom floor, and at The Nationals Awards and Bala Awards. If you’re attending IBS, reach out to us – we’d love to meet up! Our expertise lies in designing and merchandising model homes and amenity spaces that evoke dreams of homeownership, setting our clients’ products apart from the competition and facilitating successful home sales.

Get ready for an illuminating experience at the 2024 International Builders’ Show – we can’t wait to see you there!