We’re bubbling with excitement as we give you an exclusive sneak peek into our latest interior design triumph at Salerno Reserve in Stuart, Florida, for the esteemed K. Hovnanian Homes. Hold on to your color swatches because the Vallejo and Santa Fe models are about to redefine coastal living in the most stylish way possible!

Vallejo Model: Welcoming Elegance, Refined & Sophisticated

Picture this: you step into the Vallejo model, and a sense of warmth and sophistication wraps around you like a cozy blanket. Our client’s styling direction was crystal clear — classic yet modern, and we ran with it, infusing every corner with a sense of timeless elegance. The palette? Soothing colors that echo the nearby ocean waves.

The Vallejo whispers “welcome” from the moment you enter. Explore Looks, K. Hovnanian’s unique interior design collections curated for your new home. Hand-selected and assembled by our professional design team, four inspirational Looks elevate your home design through cohesive and harmonious interior finishes. Through a simplified, streamlined process, discover the Look that captures your senses and personal style.

Santa Fe Model: Light & Bright Coastal Farmhouse Bliss

Now, let’s set sail to the Santa Fe model, where the styling direction took a delightful turn towards a coastal farmhouse dream. Imagine stepping into a world of crisp and neutral tones, where the air is filled with the lightness of a coastal breeze. The color palette? A refreshing coral that evokes the vibrant hues of a beach sunset.

The Santa Fe model is all about creating a relaxed haven with organic textures and elements inspired by nature. Picture yourself basking in the glow of abundant natural light, surrounded by a harmonious blend of neutral shades that bring a sense of tranquility to every space. It’s light, it’s bright, and it’s a coastal paradise right in your living room.

As the day unfolded with design magic, the interior design team didn’t just wrap up their tools; they wrapped up the day with a wonderful dinner by the water. Because, let’s be honest, after creating such stunning living spaces, a celebratory dinner with a view is absolutely mandatory!

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the breathtaking models at Salerno Reserve. We promise you a visually captivating experience that will leave you desiring a home makeover of your own. Until then, dream in color and design on!

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