Get inspired by Parkwood Homes’ model at Daybreak in Utah!  Today’s first-time homebuyer is aspirational in their new home selections, but also cautious so that they don’t get buried in options they cannot afford.

Get to know this first-time homebuyer and research where they are moving from, what is their comfortable monthly mortgage payment, and what their expectations are in a new home. The “Do-It-Yourself” effect, curated selection packages, and selling to emotions are all ways to communicate champagne taste on a beer budget; all while adding touches of vacation vibes! 

Compelling Cost-Effective Interior Tips and Tricks:

  • DIY Effect: Can the structure of the home be modified down the road for a sunroom or more expansive patio?

  • DIY Effect: Add some wallpaper for depth and interest. Build a couple of shelves on either side of the window or invest in a couple of shelves. This will add some additional storage and your own personal touch to the room.

  • DIY Effect: Expand the visual square footage with minimal to no drapery


  • DIY Effect: Pre-wire for more lighting down the road. Once in your new home, you can always add a specialty light fixture you’ve always wanted!

  • DIY Effect: use less expensive, large format tiles.  Remember to keep it simple and neutral. When you have more time and money you can add the backsplash of your dreams!

  • Establish curated selection packages designed for your first-time homebuyer. These packages help reduce stress, shorten the construction process, and can be defined by cost or style!

  • Merchandising is important to emotional selling. Remember to make the model feel like a home, sell the positives, add a touch of familiarity, and create memorable experiences.

We design and merchandise model homes that elicit dreams of home ownership, set our client’s product apart from the competition, and help homes sell. Creating an oasis for your target market is our specialty, no matter the age, family composition, needs, and wants; the “Endless Summer” is one of our favorite trends to execute. 

Please call or email us for a consultation, and browse our design portfolio!