Giving thanks can make you happier! Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build stronger relationships. While we all should be taking the opportunity to cultivate gratitude, the month of November has us feeling particularly thankful. Our awesome team shared their gratitude, and we would love to hear yours!

Lita Dirks, CEO and Principal: “I’m sooooooo super grateful for the people in my life: my loving family, our loyal clients our amazing suppliers, and my wonderful wonderful team…May you all enjoy the beauty of Thanksgiving – May its true meaning touch you as it does me.”


Kris Blake, NCIDQ, VP of Design: “I’m so grateful for 20+ years as part of this highly talented & hardworking creative team at LD&Co!  

I’m also so grateful for all things autumn & cozy – lattes, fireplaces, vibrant falling leaves, chunky sweaters & family gatherings!”


Susan Montgomery, Operations Manager: “Grateful for good health! Grateful to work in such a friendly, creative and talented office! Grateful our sons are coming home from college for Thanksgiving! Grateful for our pug, Scout!”


Erin Hurley, Director of Business Development: “Grateful for so very many things!  My boys, my lab, our amazing LD&Co team.  A roof over our head that feels like home, an industry and community that I love and am called to serve, friends and family and a support system that I couldn’t do it all without.  Healthy food to put on the table, and beautiful hearts and souls to love on and join me around it.  A little yard to mow, a driveway to shovel, heat to pay for, laundry to do, and a grocery bill to match the growing rate of my children lol.  I am so very, very thankful for this opportunity to do life!”

Cassy Weber, NCIDQ / Director of Design: “I am thankful for my health, my family (especially my amazingly funny & smart 4.5 year old boy), and my friends.  I am also grateful for wine, sunshine and life in general!”


Zena Breimhorst, Design Assistant: “I always give thanks for good health and peace of mind because those are the basic needs that make everything in my life possible. In my professional life, I am so grateful to finally be in a space where I can grow, be challenged, be supported but most importantly a place I look forward to going to, day after day!”


Kenna Lammer, Designer: “I’m beyond thankful for these amazingly talented people that I get to work with, collaborate with and laugh with!  Even when things get crazy busy, knowing I have this team to count on makes everything doable!

I am also incredibly thankful for good health and being able to visit my family for Thanksgiving! There’s nothing like sharing family recipes and stories to bring the magic of the holidays to life!


Cassandra Coombe, Purchasing Agent: “I am so very grateful to live in a world where there are Novembers, so that we can wear cozy sweaters, cute mittens and boots and sip warm drinks and have time with friends and loved ones who are so dear and special to us.  This time of year is my favorite season of all.”


Kelly Dashner, Designer: “I’m grateful for getting to spend Thanksgiving with my awesome friends here in Colorado and then Christmas with my very big and loud family in Boston. I’m also grateful for how much they are all helping me to get ready for our baby boy arriving in May!”

Jackie Zaika, Purchasing Agent: “I am grateful for Colorado weather (snow + sunshine), my dogs, getting to see my family for the holidays!”

We wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving season!