Creating an Outdoor Oasis

As interior designers/merchandisers our goal is to create beautiful spaces and inspire dreams. Read more about how we design and merchandise to create outdoor spaces that are as stylish, comfortable, and functional as our interior designs. 

Choosing the Right Interior Design Firm for Your Needs

Engaging the right interior design firm can make the difference between your product selling quickly, and one that sits on the market for way too long.

We have decades of experience creating success for a myriad of clients. Building on this experience, we’ve compiled a list to help builders in choosing the right interior design firm for their needs. Read more on how to pick the right interior design/merchandising firm to help your product sell.

Dishing with a Designer: Purchasing Power!  

Each month we sit down with a different designer to get a little insight into how they work, their design philosophy, and the industry as a whole. We thought we’d do things a little differently this month and get the dish from one of our purchasing agents, Cat McGowan. We talked about how important purchasing is to our success and ultimately our clients’ successes.

Read the full dish here.


What do the Boomers Want?

Options. As we’ve talked about it before, there is no one-size-fits-all for the Boomer buyer.The active-adult, 55+ community has been popular with Boomers for years, but Boomers are aging. And, if their health starts to deteriorate, they may need to move into an assisted living facility. Or, a facility that offers “step up” care onsite if and when it is needed. Professional Builder magazine takes a deeper dive into the kinds of housing options the different Boomer buyers (depending on their age and health) desire.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

From beer to watermelon to kites to music…summer means festival season! And what better way to eat, drink and be merry at all the same time than at a summer festival? While every community has at least one summer festival, Parade Magazine has put together a list of the 50 best fairs and festivals in the US. Check out one near you! Or better yet, why not go on a festival road trip and experience several?! Happy Summer.