From the outset, The Springs at Stadium Village, in Surprise, Arizona, exuded a remarkable level of communication and collaboration between the design team, the client, and the construction crew. This synergy, led by Kenna Lammer and Amanda Hathaway, seamlessly carried over to the installation phase, where the on-site leasing team displayed unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. Their eagerness to assist in every possible way ensured that the installation process was executed flawlessly. As a result, the clubhouse transformed into a breathtaking space that garnered countless compliments for its distinctive furniture, captivating art pieces, a locally-inspired mural from Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and a harmonious color palette.

From the initial stages, it was evident that effective communication and teamwork were integral to the success of our project. The shared commitment and open lines of communication between everyone fostered a harmonious working environment. This collaboration ensured that the team was on the same page, enabling us to deliver an exceptional result.

The on-site leasing team proved to be an invaluable asset throughout the installation process. Their infectious excitement and readiness to contribute in any way possible were a testament to their professionalism and commitment. The leasing team was a delight and went above and beyond to tighten our team bond on the job!

Thanks to the collective efforts of Continental, Lott Brothers Construction, The Manning Group, and LD&Co Team (Amanda, Kenna, Jackie, and Cassy), the entire installation process was a seamless experience from start to finish. The professionalism and expertise of these teams contributed significantly to the project’s success, making it a stress-free endeavor for all involved.

Upon the completion of the project, the leasing team and Amanda took a moment to celebrate their achievements. In the sweltering Arizona heat, they indulged in a refreshing treat of celebratory ice cream. It was a fitting way to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and outstanding results that were accomplished through their collective efforts.

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