Effective Outdoor Merchandising 

In the era of smaller lot sizes and increased costs for…well, everything, maximizing every square inch of a home is imperative. Successful builders know that effective merchandising is key to making the most of a home’s footprint. Further, professional merchandisers understand that effective merchandising does not stop at the door. The importance of strategically merchandising your outdoor space cannot be overstated; effective outdoor merchandising is often what sells your model.

Importance of Outdoor Living Areas

It seems redundant to explain the importance of outdoor living after we have all lived through a 16+ month global pandemic. Through this shared experience, we have come to appreciate the many uses of outdoor space. We want to cook outdoors, relax outdoors, and gather with friends and family outdoors. Further, we want that outdoor space to be a part of our home. According to a recent report from Fixr.com , in 2021, American homeowners want to make the most of every inch of their outdoor living space. And they are willing to pay for it. As it helps to expand the living area of a home, improve the dream of ownership, and provides an opportunity to increase profits for builders, it makes sense to invest in effective merchandising.

How to Merchandise the Outdoor Space Effectively

The first step is obviously hiring professional merchandisers. Then, using the buyer profile as a guide, the professionals can effectively illustrate to prospective buyers all the opportunities the outdoor space provides such as:


To create a place a prospective buyer can envision themselves playing host to their friends and family, we often include lights, potted plants, and comfortable furniture in our designs. Regardless of the amount of space allotted, creating an inviting entertaining spot doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Show the space with enough seating to prove to the prospective buyer that entertaining a few or many is possible. If the outdoor space is limited, show the potential of memories to be made using color, texture, and a few accessories that make a statement.

This IA model home provides a comfortable place for friends and/or family to gather.


Perhaps your buyer’s hobbies are central to their lifestyle. As such, creating a space outside that supports painting or a relaxing spot that inspires a Zen-like atmosphere (i.e., ideal place for yoga, reading, meditation) will be key. Again, that can be demonstrated through choice of furniture and accessories. Knowing the buyer is key and then telling the story using understated imagery of a lifestyle that will fit their unspoken dream.

This Utah model’s outdoor deck, while small, provides the ideal spot to paint, read, or just contemplate life.


Outdoor space can expand the perception (if not reality) of the living area of a home significantly. To make that happen we will connect the outdoor areas as closely as possible to feel like the indoor rooms. We may use similar floor materials that continue from the inside the the outside. Additionally, we may use furnishings with the same style, colors, and comfort inside and out. This is not always a cheap solution, but it has proven to be very effective.

The outdoor kitchen in this FL model home more than doubles the eating/living area.

Outdoor living space, if merchandised effectively/strategically, can be what sells your product. According to Don Rutherford, principal, Dahlin Group Architecture Planning:

Outdoor spaces such as patios and front porches allow homeowners to utilize more space…with the connection between indoors and outdoors continuing to become more seamless. Builders at every value level should consider how to integrate such connections into their homes and incorporate detailing that helps to dress up these spaces.

In other words, it makes financial sense to invest in merchandising your outdoors just as much as your indoors. The rewards are plentiful.

To learn how we can effectively merchandise the outdoor space of your next model home, please contact us today.