Stepping into a world where creativity meets commerce, we are thrilled to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our newest addition at Lita Dirks & Co. As we open our doors to a fresh chapter of innovation and collaboration, we proudly introduce our new Purchasing Agent, Emma Figone. With an eye for design and a passion for precision, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant energy to our team. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of transforming spaces and turning visions into reality, all guided by the adept hands of our talented purchasing maestro.

What inspired you to join our company, and what excites you most about your new role here?

I interned at Lita Dirks & Co. years ago while I was in college. I majored in Interior Design at Colorado State University (CSU) but after graduating I have been more focused on project management/admin-type roles. I loved interning at LD&Co. so I was excited to see a position open that was applicable to me and my current job experience. Working for a smaller-sized company is amazing because you get to know each individual person regardless of how often you work together. The culture here is energized, collaborative, and encouraging which brings me joy every work day. 

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests that bring you joy and help you recharge?

I love cooking and trying new recipes. It re-energizes me after a long day – to do something with my hands – then you get to enjoy/nourish yourself and others. I love to host friends and family for a dinner party where I can shower them with food and love. Most weekends you’ll find me and my fiancé spending time outside with our rescue dog, Noma. She is full of energy and will play fetch endlessly with us.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and do you have any tips or strategies that have been particularly effective for you?

I think being present as much as possible helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance. One of the tools I use to help me feel more present is time blocking. On overwhelming days, I time block out everything I need to do that day and then head down to focus on that one item and nothing else during its designated time block. It allows me to feel more present and less chaotic on those days.

Stay tuned as we unveil the remarkable designs and spaces that our new team members will bring to life. The future of interior design at Lita Dirks & Co. looks brighter than ever! Contact us to learn more about our design and installation process. We design and merchandise model homes and amenity spaces that elicit dreams of home ownership and a lifestyle worth living, set our client’s product apart from the competition, and help homes sell.