Autumn 2021

Dear Friends,

As life is (sort of) returning to normal, I find myself traveling more and attending more in-person events. All of these in-person gatherings have reaffirmed my belief that relationships and the communities we build — literally and figuratively — are the most important things in life. And to build a cohesive, supportive, and successful community, it takes a village as they say. So along those lines, we dedicated this issue of our newsletter to the collaborations and relationships it takes to build a community. We took a step back and looked at the process and outcome from a wider, more holistic viewpoint. I hope you enjoy it.

We are truly grateful to have been a part of so many successful collaborative teams over the years and look forward to many more. 


Inside this Issue


Construction & the Model Home  
At Lita Dirks Co we approach the need for, and importance of, model homes, and the role they play in the sales process from a very specific perspective. We wanted to get a more comprehensive viewpoint. And as such, we decided to talk with an on-site construction professional. You can read our interview here; it was a fantastic conversation that showed us a whole different point of view.   

Strength in Collaboration  
Creating a neighborhood takes a myriad of people, skills, and coordination, each relying on the other to complete their part. To successfully merchandise a model home is not only about the furnishings and finishes, but also about communication and collaboration. 
The Model Home: Tying it All Together 
A community is a mixture of people, relationships, and experiences. The model home can be the component that ties the construction and building aspect of a neighborhood to the human element needed to make a neighborhood a community. 

We are loving this month…
Habitat for Humanity! 

We are loving the ability to give back to the community with a Habitat for Humanity build. Sue Ridgeway, our Marketing Director, was thrilled to continue her tradition of doing yearly builds with a group of friends. (Last year was a forced hiatus due to Covid.) Unlike in years past, this one wasn’t on the building site, but rather in Denver’s (relatively) new production facility. Regardless of location, it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

If you want more information on how to get involved and find a build in your area, be sure to visit their website.

A Little Diversion…

Interior Design/Model Merchandising is all about the Details!
Let us know if you find all 6 differences in the details between kitchen A and B. 


In case you missed it when we shared on social media, here’s another opportunity for a (very) short preview of a recent model home installation. Enjoy!