The kitchen island is an essential feature in today’s modern home, but it’s important to consider the costs involved in its design. The kitchen island is the heart of the home – providing a centralized workspace, additional storage, and a gathering spot for family and friends. New home builders must weigh the construction, installation, and finishing of the island to stay in line with home buyers’ expectations and budgets.

One of the most significant cost considerations is edge treatment. A waterfall edge requires a continuous material that wraps around the island’s sides, which can be more expensive than just an overhang that extends the countertop beyond the island’s edge.

The number of sides that are open is another cost factor to consider. Islands with all four sides open provide maximum access, but they may be more expensive to construct than a one-sided island. Two-sided islands can be a good compromise between accessibility and cost-effectiveness. In addition, a three-sided overhang may be the perfect option for your buyer because it takes the place of chairs and furniture. The savings in furniture may be what your buyer needs!

The size of the island is also an important cost consideration. While larger islands may be more impressive, they can also be more expensive to build. For families on a budget, a smaller island with a length of 4-5 feet and a width of 2-3 feet can provide ample countertop space for meal prep and seating.

When designing your island, it’s important to avoid legs as they can be expensive and can inhibit stool placement. Instead, a cantilevered design or a base with cabinets that extends to the floor can be a more cost-effective option.

While the kitchen island can be a valuable addition to your home, it’s important to consider the costs involved in its design. When planning your island, keep in mind the costs of edge treatment, the number of sides, island size, and seating options. By carefully considering these cost factors, you can create a functional and beautiful kitchen island that fits within your budget.

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