Back to School…Back to Merchandising Basics

Depending on who you are, these three little words – back to school – can provoke feelings of excitement, dread, joy, anxiety, happiness, or all the above. Regardless of your feelings, this is undeniably a busy time for families. Gone are the lazy days of summer and adhering to schedules are now priority.

To help prospective home buyers with school-age children see that your home will help make their lives easier during this hectic time and beyond, there are several merchandising techniques we incorporate in our model homes. Essentially, we go back to merchandising basics. While accentuating the home’s architecture, we design with an emphasis on organization, wellness, and fun to support the needs and lifestyle of busy families.

Merchandising to Encourage Organization 

Being organized is the key to a happy morning (noon and night, too). We’ve all had those mornings where we are frantically looking for our keys while our son is yelling that he can’t find his left shoe and our daughter is complaining that she can’t find anything to pack for lunch. All while the dog is barking because you still need to take him on a walk, but you can’t find the leash. Oh, just me? Well, I’m sure all of us have had those frenetic times when we are trying to get out of the house, but can’t seem find anything and its all-out chaos. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With effective and thoughtful product development, plus detailed interior design and merchandising, there is a place for everything, and everything has its place. For example, in…

Mudrooms, Owner’s Entries, and Laundry Rooms

    • Hooks for bookbags, coats, umbrellas. Be sure to make them large enough to actually hold items.
    • Cubbies for shoes (both left and right ones), rain boots, snow boots, etc.
    • Baskets for stinky soccer uniforms and frequently needed items. Remember to merchandise using clever names or messages on the baskets.
    • A bench where dirty shoes and boots can be taken off, so the dirt stops at the door.


    • Pantry for easy to grab snacks
    • Hydration station (with counter space for water bottles)
    • Messy kitchen; aka a back kitchen to store school supplies and room to assemble lunches. Or, a central island so kids can help.
    • Fridge that is stocked with fruit, other healthy foods, and filtered water
    • Open floor plan to allow for easy flow from fridge to panty to cabinets


    • Plenty of hooks for towels
    • Space drawers with pulls for easy access to toiletries
    • Linen closets conveniently located
    • Double sinks to facilitate speed in the morning routine
    • Non-slip flooring to help prevent accidents
    • A little color or fun to encourage a morning smile

Merchandising to Support Wellness

We are all looking for a little more peace in our lives. Especially parents, and particularly now, during this incredibly demanding and frenzied back to school time. As a parent of school age children, you may be thinking, “How do I keep from going insane?” Fortunately, we can merchandise a model in a way that promotes a sense of peace and mental wellness.

• Take advantage of all natural light, but don’t forget task and ambient lighting to soften the mood.
• Create a room or area that can be cordoned off (doors are optimal) for privacy, WFH, or a friendly video call with an old friend.
• Include an area for catch-up with the kids after school and to review homework details. A kitchen island is ideal for this.
• Provide a separate space to exercise; a spot to nurture health and rejuvenation.
• Design secluded spaces to simply take a breath, catch up with yourself and relax (read, garden, meditate, write, etc.).



Merchandising to Make the Sale

Your model home can be the respite parents need to see right now. While they may be struggling to keep it “all together” during this very demanding time, a well-merchandised model home can give them hope and vision for a calm, joyful, and successful family life. By merchandising with these needs and desires in mind, we can create a model that shows how your home will help them achieve their dreams.

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