Dishing with a Designer: Ace Gutierrez

This month we strayed again from our traditional “dish with a designer” interview so we could chat with Acencion (better known as Ace) Gutierrez our CAD guru. Ace takes our CAD drawings to new levels with his meticulous attention to detail and innate sense of order.

LD & Co.: Thanks for sitting down with us to chat, Ace. So, how did you get into design? What’s your backstory?

Ace: I actually went to school for banking.

LD & Co.: What? Really? How did you end up here?

Ace.: The truth is I always wanted to be an architect. My mom tells stories of how I would take apart my toys at every chance I got. I was fascinated with figuring out how things are built. I’d always put them back to together…eventually.

LD & Co.: Ha, that’s too funny.

Ace: So, while I wanted to go to school to be an architect but the money wasn’t there so I figured being a CAD technician was the next best thing.

LD & Co.: And we’re so glad you did! You are such an asset to this company. Speaking of which, did you start working for LD & Co. right out of school?

Ace: No. I originally worked for a local builder here in Colorado (who by the way used LD & Co. as one of their design firms). Then when the recession hit many people lost their jobs and I was one of them. Fortunately I was lucky in that Lita reached out to me around this time. They were looking for some help with CAD on a contract basis. She remembered me from my time with the builder and hired me on as a contractor. The contract kept getting extended and then eventually hired on full time. That was back in 2011.

LD & Co.: That’s fantastic. You are in a unique position in that you get to work on so many different projects. In fact, I think you have been a part of every project since you’ve been here.

Ace: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

LD & Co.: What would you say your favorite project has been so far? Could you even pick one?

Ace: Hmm…that’s not easy, but I’d have to say Kent Place for a few reasons. First of all, it was one of my first projects with LD & Co., I really enjoyed collaborating with Teresa, and it really got my feet wet in the multifamily space. I learned a ton.

LD & Co.: It was a beautiful space for sure. So what is it about building design that excites you? And/or what is it about working here that keeps you motivated. You’ve been here almost a decade!

Ace: I love working in such a creative environment surrounded by like-minded, creative people.

LD & Co.: Agreed, everyone here is so creative, artistic, and just open to sharing and learning. It really is a very supportive environment. So I have to ask, how did you get into baking? And would you ever consider becoming a professional baker? [Editor’s note: For those that don’t know, Ace is an incredible baker. He makes the most gorgeous and delicious desserts. He is always nominated to bring the cakes for our office birthday parties. And they are always just as beautiful as they are delicious! Words and even pictures don’t do his creations justice. You’ll have to take my word for it.] Seriously though, how come you don’t sell any of your cakes?

Ace: I just love sweets and being creative and making things. I don’t want to make it a profession it would be too stressful. I very much enjoy baking for family and friends only.

LD & Co.: Fine. I had to ask though. One last question, if you could tell your younger self something what would it be?

Ace: Don’t be afraid to take risks. I’ve always been overly cautious, both personally and professionally. Younger Ace, just go for it!

LD & Co.: That is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat, Ace.

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