Naturalistic Design and the Model Home

The desire to bring nature into our homes is not new. For generations, we have loved how the outdoors make us feel. Intuitively understanding the impact organic elements bring to our well-being both mentally and physically. This desire for health and wellness and the realization of dwindling natural resources have made naturalistic a prominent design trend in model homes. To meet the buyers’ desire for more nature in their homes, the following are some tactics we are using in our model home designs.

Choosing Natural Materials

To help foster the connection to the outdoors, we often use natural materials in our designs such as wood, cotton, and leather. However, it’s important to understand what natural materials will resonate with your specific buyers. For example, one homeowner may enjoy the rugged character of the natural rock on their fireplace. Conversely, another buyer may prefer the more sophisticated flair of dark wood flooring in their living room. Choose natural elements that incorporate the style and budget to appeal to your prospective buyer.

Displaying Plants

House plants are useful not just for aesthetic reasons. They also purify the air and lower anxiety. And are, at their very core, the definition of nature. However, keeping plants alive in a model home can be tricky. This does not mean that plants are on the “no go” list. There are so many beautiful, realistic artificial options today your buyers may find themselves doing the touch test to see if they are real or not. While artificial plants don’t help purify the air like a real plant, they can help lower blood pressure, create a natural feeling, and promote a healthier atmosphere.

Accentuating Natural Light

One of the easiest, cheapest, and most beautiful natural elements is sunlight. Natural daylight can make any room come alive. It makes colors pop in your furnishings and wall decor, and it makes us feel healthy and inspired. Natural light can have an effect like no other throughout the home.

Incorporating the Outdoors 

You can’t get a more naturalistic design with your model home than by incorporating the outdoor space with the interiors. Further, merchandising outdoor space can expand the perception (if not reality) of the living area of a home significantly. To make that happen, we will connect the outdoor areas as closely as possible to feel like the indoor rooms. We may use similar floor materials that continue from the inside to the outside. Other tactics include using furnishings with the same style, colors, and comfort inside and out. This is not always a cheap solution, but it has proven to be very effective.


As buyers are demanding more from their homes, we are working to incorporate designs that promote a sense of happiness and wellness. Choosing organic materials, displaying plants, accentuating the natural light, and incorporating the outdoors with the interior design are just a few of the ways we incorporate naturalistic design in our model homes.

To learn how we can help sell your model homes using naturalistic design, please contact us today.