Dear Friends,

Don’t you just love this time of the year? The tulips are popping up and the cherry blossom trees are blooming: everything is awash in color. Plus, it’s such a wonderfully busy time, with many installations scheduled over the next few months. We want to help our builder partners be prepared to show off their model homes and amenities during the busy summer home-buying season.

Since April 22 was Earth Day, we wanted to dedicate this newsletter to topics that were in alignment with the principles of a healthy mind, body, and planet. (And as a reminder that we should treat every day as Earth Day.) Our main article talks about designing and merchandising with wellness and beauty in mind. We also talk about merchandising all outdoor spaces of a model home, even (actually, especially) small patios or front porches. How important these areas are in providing a comforting tone to the home buying experience. And, we cover merchandising the outdoors of multifamily amenity spaces to help cultivate a sense of community. Finally, in the spirit of feeling good and building community, and the outdoors, we share a short video from a recent Earth Day volunteer project. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and please don’t forget to take our poll. We really are curious. 

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Healthy AND Beautiful 
Designing and merchandising can be health-promoting and appealing at the same time. Read more about how we work to create interiors that incorporate nature and biophilic designs, promote a sense of well-being, and are attractive to prospective buyers. 


Merchandising Small Outdoor Spaces   

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful things one does in their life. A welcoming front porch can put a prospective buyer at ease. Read how we help to create a welcoming and reassuring vibe to the home buying experience through merchandising of small outdoor spaces. 


Creating Community through
Multifamily Outdoor Spaces

Creating outdoor spaces that will appeal to a wide variety of residents’ needs can be tricky. However, through strategic merchandising we create multifamily outdoor spaces that are enticing for both current and prospective residents and help to cultivate a sense of community. Read more on how we merchandise to help your property stand out from the competition.   

What We are Loving this Month: Mother Earth! 


Some of our staff took part in an Earth Day volunteer project – a day of tree planting, debris picking up, and just generally showing love to our planet.

Quick Poll – What is your Favorite Outdoor Activity? 
Playing Games
Going for walks/hikes
Looking at it from a comfortable seat inside!