In the world of real estate and entrepreneurship, Garret Bedrin has emerged as a shining example of giving back and creating exceptional living spaces. With a dynamic podcast and a strong social presence, Garret has taken the philosophy of “the more you give, the more you get” to heart, echoing the lessons imparted by his grandfather who ventured onto the beaches of Normandy and later established a small office supplies and gifts store.

Embracing the spirit of sharing success stories, Garret’s podcast “Get up with Garret” delves into the world of real estate investing and entrepreneurial achievements. In a recent email interview, Garret shared his thoughts and insights about his family’s latest venture, a groundbreaking mixed-use luxury project that stands as a testament to his family’s dedication and perseverance.

Hedges at Hawthorne Groundbreaking

Was [The Hedges at Hawthorne] your first residential project?

“Yes, this is our first ground-up residential project,” confirms Garret, “It was wonderful to work with such a strong team of women-owned businesses!” He was excited to embark on this new journey, bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to the realm of real estate development. The “Hedges” has emerged as our family’s residential brand. It is both charming and luxurious. Playing off of the Hamptons and Palm Beach “what’s behind the hedges”, the brand is aspirational and speaks to our home buyer demographic.

Expectations for the Finished Project: A Boutique Hotel Experience

Garret envisioned a living space that was more than just a house – he aimed to create a home that resonated with the feeling of staying in a boutique hotel, a place where he himself would be content to reside. This aspiration translated into a unique blend of luxury, green and natural wood interiors, and industrial aesthetics on the exterior, paying homage to the site’s historical significance.

Uniqueness in Comparison: A Visionary Shift

When asked how this project differed from previous ones, Garret highlighted the revolutionary approach taken in designing the amenity spaces. By opening up the heart of the building during the design phase, the team ensured that the amenities would greet visitors as they entered through the main doorway. A notable shift in focus was guided by Besta’s suggestion to steer away from a conventional male-dominated golf simulator, redirecting the space’s purpose toward a warm and inviting private dining room complete with wine storage – a change that aligns perfectly with Garret’s vision.

Team Interaction and Communication: A Collaborative Success

Garret spoke with enthusiasm about the team’s interaction and communication. The collaborative spirit was fueled by virtual meetings that allowed for a seamless exchange of ideas. He takes immense pride in having worked alongside a group of incredibly talented women, a testament to his commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

The Importance of Family: A Personal Connection

Lita, who spoke about the significance of family, struck a chord with Garret. He graciously shared a collection of photos that exemplify the cherished memories and connections that drive his passion and dedication. These photos offer a glimpse into the foundation of his values and aspirations.

Paul, Murray, and Jerry Bedrin. (Circa early 1970s)

(Circa 1997)

In this one-on-one with Garret Bedrin, it’s evident that his commitment to giving back, creating exceptional spaces, and honoring personal history is the driving force behind his latest venture. His podcast “Get up with Garret” continues to share stories of success and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and real estate enthusiasts. As he forges ahead on this exciting journey, the world eagerly watches as Garret transforms his vision into reality, one remarkable project at a time.

Being a part of this exceptional collaborative team fills us with gratitude. Reach out to us for deeper insights into our innovative design and seamless installation process. Our expertise lies in crafting and curating model homes that evoke the very essence of homeownership dreams. We specialize in setting our clients’ homes and amenities ahead of the competition, ultimately increasing sales.