Neutral decor is a natural choice. From soft grays to smoky lavender, neutrals are becoming more and more popular choices in furniture, art, paint, accessories, and more. But how can those peaceful havens of muted tones be kept from falling flat? Here are a few ways to give a neutral decor some dazzle.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Neutrals are a great way to layer lavishly without overdoing the design. A large, natural woven rug can ground the decor, while an over-sized sky blue sectional draws in the eyes.

Add a Pop of Color

There’s no denying the mood-enhancing effect that takes place by incorporating some uplifting colors into a neutral-infused design. For example, bright, pink pillows bring out the crisp, clean atmosphere of a white, linen bedroom. Adding a pop of color can add pizzazz and dimension without overdoing it.

Edgy and Eclectic

Add a little edge to neutral interiors with a few industrial accents. A calming beige wall can be heightened with an accent of exposed brick or re-purposed light fixtures.

Bold, Not Boring

If a neutral room is missing that certain “something,” think outside-the-box with a fun, bold accent. For example, zebra print accent pillows or a floral side chair adds character to a design while still embracing the calming essence of softer tones.

Contrast is King

If a neutral scheme is straying towards sterile, adding contrasting materials can be an easy and effective way to add personality. Try natural woods and mosaic tiling to infuse a Mediterranean or English country cottage atmosphere to a neutral-heavy design.

Let it Shine

A neutral palette creates the freedom to glitz up the design. For a timeless glamour, a crystal droplet chandelier makes a strong statement and reflects loads of natural light.

Tons of Texture

Never underestimate texture’s ability to transform. Architectural elements, furniture, decor, flooring, wall coverings, and textiles are all ideal places to play with unique and complimenting textures.

Don’t dismiss hot neutrals as too cold. Effective design tips and tricks allow a neutral scheme to shine in order to create a tranquil haven for homeowners. And, by incorporating some of these techniques, you’ll be able to give your neutral decor some dazzle.

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