Design trends during the past ten years have tended to veer towards minimalism. Spaces often showcased clean lines and pared-down decor that was often impersonal. The pendulum has now swung in the other direction; but remember, it’s all about balance! Homebuyers today are embracing personality, eccentricity, and maximalist joy from their homes. The pandemic has undoubtedly played a major role in pushing people to rethink their homes’ interior designs and continues to affect many of the trends we will be seeing this year.

Our living spaces are now more important to homebuyers than ever, and for many, it is essential to make them as meaningful, soothing, and inspiring as possible. 

Power of Good Space

Never underestimate the power of a good space. We connect ourselves to the spaces we occupy and they become parts of who we are, parts of our memories, emotions, and thoughts. Lighting, unique art pieces, glitz, raw material, escapism, function, curves, and texture all add a different emotion to a space. 

Wholeness with Wellness

Self-care is one of the keys to improving well-being. But an environment geared to facilitate healthy living can make an overwhelming difference too. Your model home or amenity location can impact the interior. The flow of the space will have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere. In addition, physical wellness spaces, biophilia, indoor gardening, and ethically sourced materials will play a major role this year!

Smaller Floorplans

Due to current supply chain issues, the costs of building and renovating are rising so steeply, we expect to see a lean toward smaller homes with less of an environmental footprint. According to the DAHLIN Group, 65% of homeowners and single-family renters would prefer to trade a bedroom-sized office for a smaller pocket office, reallocating the remaining space elsewhere in the home.


Color Coordination

The white-washed era is reaching its end. Color trends for 2023 include two-toned cabinets, monochromatic themes, and rich tones that will be popping up! Want to know what the color is for 2023? Pantone unveiled Viva Magenta as the Color of the Year. This color vibrates with passion and punch. Viva Magenta is strong and spunky, and a bold color that promotes cheerful and hopeful feelings.

Did you miss Lita and Erin at IBS? We will be capturing trends from their education sessions over the next few months. Can’t wait? Contact us to talk about your next project and how we can incorporate the newest design trends focusing on your homebuyer into your next model home or amenity space!