Cassy Weber, fabulous Director of Design, is celebrating her 20-year anniversary working at Lita Dirks & Co. In this article, we ask Cassy a few questions about the last 20 years…

What made you apply for your internship at Lita Dirks & Co.?

After college, I did not want to stay in Iowa (where I grew up and went to college) and was drawn to Colorado (I grew up taking family road trips to CO in the winter to ski).  In my early 20s, I felt that Denver was far enough away from home, but not too far! I did interviews at a few different interior design firms along the front range but was really drawn to LD&Co and felt like it would be a good fit for me. I’m glad they felt the same! I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about model home merchandising when I applied, this was not something we learned or discussed in school but I am so happy I took the leap, I have truly enjoyed being part of the LD&Co team over the years.

Do you remember your first day?

HA – no, my memory isn’t that great!  But I’m sure I was nervous!  I do remember fitting right in with the other young designers.  I have formed lifelong relationships with many of them and we still keep in touch today, even though we have gone down different paths over the years.

How has your job changed over the years?

My job has changed so much… starting out as an intern where I helped everyone with whatever they needed from running errands (that is how I learned how to get around Denver because this was before we had phones with Google Maps (Yes, this makes me feel and sound VERY old)! From reselects to being part of the install team both in and out of town.  Over the years, I have grown in so many ways with the support and guidance from Lita and the entire staff. Today’s responsibilities are greater and at a higher level but I enjoy the challenge, and stepping outside my comfort zone. 

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy the variety of work; I would say that no day is ever the same. I think having different types of projects help keep the creativity and excitement going day to day.

What’s your favorite memory of the last 20 years?

The memories that stick out the most are the fun experiences had on out-of-town installs. After a job was complete, there were instances where we had extra time to enjoy and explore.  One time we were on Long Island, installing 5-6 models so there was a whole crew of us from the office there, and a small group of us decided to take the train into NYC for the evening to have dinner and walk around. We enjoyed taking in the sights and almost missed the last train back to Long Island! Other times, I’ve been able to explore around Washington DC (the White House and Washington Monument), and Charleston, SC (we did a ghost tour there, which was fun but not as “scary” as I’d imagine it would be). I also got to experience a Yankees game in the old stadium before it closed and was torn down. Those types of memories and experiences with co-workers and friends are what stick with me the most!

We thank you, Cassy, for a wonderful 20 years! Our commitment to the longevity of our designs and designers, our opportunities for growth with our team, and our thriving relationships with our partners are the driving force for us to do what we do. To learn more about our projects and processes, contact us or explore our website.