Wellness at Home Now More Than Ever

A few weeks ago, one of our design directors, Teresa Karpala, attended the Wellness Within Your Walls (WWYW) training. We talked to her afterwards and got the dish which was shared here.

After hearing about Teresa’s enlightening and empowering experience, we wanted to know more about the WWYW program. And what better way to learn more than by going straight to the source? So, to that end, we reached out to Jillian Pritchard Cooke, the creator and mastermind behind WWYW. Jillian was incredibly generous with her time; we learned a great deal about Jillian, her career, what led her to creating WWYW, and how she envisions the future of home building. Click here to read a synopsis of our chat.

This month we are happy to get back to a bit of our regularly scheduled program in revisiting on of our favorite features: Dishing with a Designer. For this installment, we sat down with one of our newest designers, Jenn Reece, for a little ‘get to know ya’ dish. Enjoy it here.

New Normal in Home Office Design

We’ve all been working from home a lot more lately. And, while we are confident that life will eventually get back to a new normal, the importance of designing a home office in a model will never be the same. There are new considerations and priorities that we as designers must keep in mind. Read how we are rethinking our approach to the new normal in home office design.



In these confusing times, it’s helpful to have some reliable resources. We have found Builder Online to be a good resource on a myriad of topics related to the building industry. However if you feel the need to take the break from work and the news (especially the news), these sites are a nice diversion.Dribbble.com – provides a place where designers (everything from animation, print, web, etc.) can showcase their work. While not interior design related, it is still quite inspirational and can get one’s creative juices going.

Information is Beautiful – is a great place to read and learn about a myriad of topics all presented in visually appealing ways. You have to be careful though, one can find themselves going down a variety of rabbit holes only to realize hours have passed!

Emergency Compliment – is exactly that – a random compliment at your fingertips, guaranteed to make you smile. Think about it, we all need to hear something nice every once in a while (some of us more than others), this website provides that positive reinforcement for free.

Thinking we may need to have a talk with some of our less than helpful office mates…




…reminiscing about some past installs and looking forward to creating many more dreams in the near future! If you’d like a trip down memory lane, please visit our website as we are updating our portfolio regularly.


Eat, Drink & Be Merry Virtually!


Being safe (and socially distanced) doesn’t have to be boring.  Just because your happy hours are now done virtually, there are still lots of ways to have fun online. From online charades to virtual card games, there are lot of ways you can eat, drink and be merry virtually!

Cheers to staying safe! We look forward to seeing you all “in the real world” again soon.