Choosing the Right Interior Design Firm

Ever been sold on the “greatness” of a company only to find out it was all just smoke and mirrors? A firm that makes endless promises only to fall short of fulfilling said promises? One that balks at the smallest changes in scope. Or, worse yet, a firm that charges for every change, no matter how small. Choosing the right interior design firm requires more thought than picking the most well known one. Engaging the right interior design firm can make the difference between your product selling quickly, and one that sits on the market for way too long.

We have decades of experience creating success for a myriad of clients. Building on this experience, we’ve compiled this list to help builders in choosing the right interior design firm for their needs.


Be it a model home, amenity space, or sales center, designing takes teamwork. To promote collaboration and orchestrate this type of alliance, you’ll need an interior designer/merchandiser that can help foster a supportive atmosphere. One that encourages others to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Ultimately, you want an interior design firm that is more concerned with creating your vision than their own.


Choose an open-minded interior design firm that does not come into the job with preconceived notions. A firm that willing to listen and help distinguish between wishes and requirements. Further, the ideal interior design firm should be capable of translating what they hear into into effective designs. Designs that result in sales.


Every builder, whether they build three custom homes a year or 300 deserves individualized attention. No one wants to feel like they are part of an assembly line. An attentive interior design firm will be cognizant of your particular product and the specific details needed for your job. While a large design firm may be able to offer cheaper prices, a smaller firm can be more attentive. Smaller, boutique firms can focus on the subtleties and unique details of your job delivering exceptional results.


Not all potential buyers are the same. Even those with a similar buyer profile, may not be attracted to the same design style. Choose a designer that is versatile and can alter their design approach to the psychographics of your potential buyers. Go with an interior designer that is open to different ideas and can provide multiple concepts.

Additionally, you will want a professional designer who is generally unflappable. Things happen. Windows need to be moved. Furniture arrives broken. A flexible designer knows how to work magic despite any and all obstacles.

Fiscally Responsible

A large part of an interior designer/merchandiser’s job is making the tough decisions to balance dreams and budgets. A good interior design firm knows that bad design results are not caused by low budgets. While great design results aren’t driven by unlimited budgets. A true professional design firm understands how to put the money where it counts. Merchandising is more than finding a beautiful table or lamp, it’s the ability to create a desirable lifestyle to ignite the dream.


You will want an interior design firm that you know is enthusiastic about your job. At Lita Dirks & Co we get excited about our work knowing that our efforts can help our clients succeed. And, we enjoy the fun and unpredictability of the process. We are true believers that having a positive relationship will ensure a smooth and successful project.

Every model home, clubhouse, and sales center has unique needs. Whether it’s to attract a certain type of buyer or provide a unique feature of a neighborhood, each has specific goals. Ensuring you’ve assembled the right team to meet these goals is the most important step. Building on our decades of experience, we know there are certain qualities that are imperative to consider when choosing the right interior design firm for your needs.

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