Using Color for Maximum Impact

One of the most powerful tools in a designer’s toolbox is the use of color. In the hands of a professional designer, the use of color can be a very effective tool. Color is what helps to create a specific mood of a space. It can excite, relax, amuse…the options are as plentiful as one’s emotions.

Color and Room Function

Before choosing a color palate our designers work with our clients to determine what atmosphere they want the space to have. Understanding who the buyers are, what emotions the model home or amenity space needs to evoke, are crucial. For color to have the maximum impact, you need to understand its purpose.

In rooms such as the bedroom where relaxation and serenity is desired, cool, muted tones can help promote a calming feeling.

Conversely, bold colors create pizzazz and playfulness. So when using brighter, vibrant colors, consider which rooms would most benefit. For example, rooms such as a downstairs entertainment space, or a child’s playroom. The purpose of these types of rooms is fun, therefore the color scheme of the room should be fun. Be it the paint, the artwork, an area rug, what have you, using bold colors can impact the mood and a buyers’ immediate reaction to the space.

Color and How to Use It

Once the designer has determined the purpose of the room and which colors will help elicit the desired feelings for that space, next question is, how do we use the color? As in, should there be an accent wall? Or, do we want to include some pops of color via pillows in an otherwise neutral room? One of the things that makes color such a useful tool is how flexible and affordable it is. A little “wow” of color can make a big difference. You don’t need to paint an entire room bright orange, maybe just one small section will do the trick.

Or perhaps it’s a black light fixture and dynamic, interesting backsplash in an all-white kitchen. Remember black is not the absence of color, but rather all the colors.

Trusting in Color

Using color in design can seem overwhelming. No one wants to create a “fun house” where the colors are competing for your attention (or sanity). Just remember that using color strategically can be an incredible sales tool. Color can create a mood, elicit emotions, and create a connection for a prospective buyer as they walk through a model home.

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