Overarching Design Themes

The overarching design themes we see emerging for 2022 are a continuation of what we saw in 2021, and a direct result of the pandemic. Health and wellness, promoting nature, and flexibility are still undeniably important to home buyers. Like the aftermath of 9/11 and the housing crisis of 2008, just to mention two recent phenomena, the emergence of Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic has changed our industry. The importance and function of our homes have been elevated. Our homes have become much more than just shelter. They are our workplaces, our schools, our fitness studios, our entertainment centers: our respite from the world. Today’s home buyers are mindful and are making more environmentally conscious buying decisions. Buyers are looking for designs that reflect positivity for both themselves and the world. To that end, the following are the overarching themes we believe will influence the building industry in 2022:

Health and Wellness

Homes that promote a sense of wellbeing is a continuing trend. Buyers want to know their home is going to help keep them healthy. Floor plans that facilitate indoor /outdoor living, accentuating natural light, the use of natural materials, and creating special places that emphasize “home as sanctuary,” are important design elements. The desire for a healthy home is not a fad, but a trend that is here to stay.



Wellness includes not only physical health but mental health too. And, knowing that nature and the outdoors can improve mental health we are seeing buyers wanting designs that not only promote the indoor/outdoor relationship but also provide a deeper connection to nature. As such, biophilic design and the use of natural materials, and lines and patterns we see in nature, are a trend that is going to continue into 2022.



Perhaps the most lasting lesson from the pandemic is how important it is to have flexibility in our floor plans. We have all seen how quickly the “new normal” can change. Buyers want homes where they can envision a multitude of living options. They need to know that if their children return to online school, there is a quiet space for them to work. Or, if going to the gym seems unsafe, there is a place where they can exercise at home. Also, the trend for more extended families to live together under one roof is continuing and growing. For some buyers, seeing a home that could accommodate multigenerational living is important. Buyers wanting and demanding flexibility from their homes is a theme we will see in 2022 and beyond.


The pandemic has forever changed the world and our industry. A desire for a home that promotes health and wellness, includes the use of and respect for nature, and promotes flexibility of lifestyle is what buyers want. These are the overarching themes in the building and interior design trends of 2022.