Design Trend Focus: Global Touches

With the popularity of the Hygge trend a few years ago, and Japandi more recently, the trend of incorporating global touches into interior design shows no signs of waning. A buyer’s desire for their new home to inspire a certain lifestyle is universal. And for many, that includes a desire for world travel. Many buyers want to experience the sights, colors, sounds, arts, and traditions from around the globe. Thoughtful interior design and merchandising can help fulfill that desire.

Colors, Textures, and Patterns from around the Globe

When used as a part of an interior design style, global touches are designs that incorporate objects, patterns, textures, and colors inspired by cultures and locales from around the world. It could be bright colors that remind us of the tropics. Or a handmade woven rug, or a piece of hand-carved furniture that sparks thoughts of old-world Europe. Perhaps it is a fabric or wallpaper pattern that represents a specific culture or history. Global touches bring the artisan hand from places we might dream of, or offer the excitement of something truly unique and personal.

Creative Expression  

Using global touches in a design is appealing because it provides an opportunity to present a creative approach to a model or clubhouse. It helps lend a story to the community and the people who live there. Regardless of the product or geographic location, you can find global touches everywhere. They are about providing textures and colors that romance the feeling of one-of-a-kind; a setting apart from the ordinary. It’s about seeing the room as though looking through an artist’s eye. Further, it often includes the use of natural fibers, woods, yarns, branches, grasses or well-crafted glass, ceramics, fabrics, and colors. Materials and designs to beguile one’s imagination of the world.

Finishes that Inspire Travel

The trend of including global touches in interior design isn’t only about including actual items that are from around the world or inspired by far-off lands. It can also be incorporating design elements that promote world travel and adventure, encouraging a potential home buyer’s wanderlust.

Global Influences to Help Sell the Dream 

The trend of global touches in interior design is about gathering inspiration from around the world to tell a story and spark emotion. It helps to sell the dream of globetrotting and experiencing cultures all from around the world, all from the comfort of their (new) home. The key is to honor the cultures that inspire your buyers and build the design in a thoughtful way that helps sell the home.

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