Creating Masculine Designs to appeal to all Buyer Profiles

While women tend to be the primary decision makers when it comes to buying a home, we know that a successful model home has to appeal to all buyer profiles. Each model should have a special place where the man can find his spot. A place that inspires a more masculine lifestyle dream such as an area that highlights past successes or dreams not yet realized; a sports-focused room, or a space for home-brewing. The options are (almost) endless. Below are some ideas our designers have used to appeal to him and “he spaces” and the realization that he has not been forgotten.

Kitchen…Inside and Out

Gone are the days where men dare not enter the kitchen as that is a “women-only” area. These days it is just as often the man of the house is also the cook of the house. Having a kitchen design that appeals to any type of cook is important. He may be a steak-on-the-grill kind of man or a gourmet chef.  Include plenty of area to do the prep-work, enough storage, and perhaps even a place to display high-end cookware. And, remember a large deep sink. (It makes clean up a more likely option.)

Parkwood Homes, CO

Further, when designing with a male buyer in mind, it is important to consider the outdoor areas as well. Traditionally the outdoor grill has been his domain and with all of the new outdoor materials, be sure to use finishes that will entice and intrigue.

Taylor Morrison, NEXTadventure Home

Dens, Niches, and other “He Spaces”

As a man walks through the model he should feel like there are spaces where he can identify with, a place for him to belong. Whether it’s the “man cave” where a guy can envision himself having his buddies over to watch the big game or even a special alcove in the garage, the fact that these are spaces he can relate to can make all the difference in capturing his attention and desire to live in this home.

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Taylor Morrison, NEXTadventure Home

Colors and Materials

To create a masculine designed room, let’s start with colors and materials. Color plays such a big role in design and is often his first impression of a space. As we’ve discussed on many occasions, the color of a room impacts mood and the overall feel of a space. It follows then that one of the best ways to create a masculine room is by incorporating some of the traditional colors that appeal to men. Hues such as blue, green, and black are among the top choices. Neutrals and earth tones are also good choices when designing a room to appeal to the male buyer. Watch out for pinks, purples, and oranges. A good rule of thumb: everything in moderation.

By keeping natural materials and multiple textures in use, our designers work to create a masculine room. Using products such as stone or wood and complimenting them with textures like suede, leather, and natural fabrics. Further, by using simple and comfortable styling, it will be easy for him to imagine living in and finding peace in his “retreat.”

Manhattan Penthouse, Atlanta, GA

For a boy’s bedroom including outdoor, sports, or super heroes themes are perennial favorites.

Regal Homes, UT

Creating a model home that leaves a lasting impression and elicits the “need to buy” feeling is the key to standing out among the competition. However, how that looks and feels is different for everyone. Ensuring that your designs appeal to as many potential buyers as possible is the goal. Incorporating those special places for all potential buyers, including men is what can make all the difference. While you are designing to influence a buying decision (which is typically done by women), including “he spaces” helps to close the sale.

To learn more about how our designers can create a model home that will appeal to your prospective buyer, whoever they may be, please contact us today. And, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see some of our work in action.