We often talk about the impact of bringing the outdoors into the interior design of a home. However, just as important is expanding the living area by extending the indoors to the outside. Designing in such a way as to create seamless experiences and expand living areas helps to taking advantage of often neglected outdoor space. Whether working with a tiny balcony or an expansive patio, these tips can help create a luxurious outside area. A place where home owners can imagine themselves relaxing, entertaining, playing…living.

Incorporate Color

Using bright colors and layering products can help set the scene and make the space more inviting. Coordinating outdoor throw pillows with the throw pillows inside can help create that seamless experience. Plus, swapping out pillows is an easy (and cost-effective) way to update your patio each season and/or as you make changes to the interior finishes.

Include Comfortable Seating

To create an inviting and approachable space you’ll want to include comfortable seating. Be it a hammock, sling chairs, or a sectional sofa, you’ll want to design for comfort. In addition, to make this space feel as comfortable and put together as the living room, include an outdoor rug, table, and accessories.

Furthermore, to create that enticing ‘I-want-to-be-here’ vibe, be sure your outdoor space takes advantage of any views. If your patio overlooks beautiful scenery, line up some lounge chairs facing the view.

Light the Space

Lighting can completely change the mood of an outdoor space. String lights in particular can create a celebratory atmosphere. While small table lamps can help create a relaxing, lounge area.

Extending a home’s living area by taking advantage of the outdoor space is critical to helping a home sell. If designed correctly, the outdoor space in any model home, be it small balcony or large patio, can help promote the sellability of a home. It can create a space that prospective buyers can image themselves at home.

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