Getting the Dish

LD & Co.: Thanks for sitting down with us to dish. We know you are super busy these days, so, let’s just jump right in. Why/how did you get into interior design? How did you end up here at to LD & Co.?

Kenna: Well, it definitely wasn’t a straight line. Design is actually my second career.

LD & Co.: Oh, a backstory, do tell!

Kenna: Ha, well, there’s no political intrigue or anything. I worked in the travel industry for years and was quite happy. Honestly, I assumed that I would always work in travel.

LD & Co.: Then why did you leave?

Kenna: For a long time, travel was a fun, rewarding career. Until it wasn’t. Over time the industry changed and I realized I wasn’t fulfilled anymore and wanted to do something different; something creative.

Around this same time, I had a pretty serious health scare. The whole experience made me realize that as cliché as it sounds, life is short. There are no guarantees and we need to be engaged in activities professionally and otherwise that make us happy.

So, I quit my job and went to school for design.

LD & Co.: Wow, that’s a big leap from travel to design.

Kenna: Actually, when I decided to go to school, I was determined to follow my passion and do something “fun and creative.” I realized I could make a career doing something I loved, I was determined to become an interior designer.

LD & Co.: That’s so wonderful that you recognized your need to do what makes you happy. And you took steps to make that happen. Did you instantly know what kind of interior design you’d like to do?

Kenna: Not at all. Honestly, I didn’t even realize this niche existed. Then during my first semester, Cassy came and spoke to our class. Her presentation was so impressive. I knew I just had to work at LD & Co.

LD & Co.: That’s great! So how did you actually make it happen?

Kenna: I kept my eyes and ears open and monitored all the internship and job listings. As soon as I saw that LD & Co. had an internship opening, I jumped. You had to have so many classes under your belt before you could be an intern anywhere. And, as soon as I had met the requirements, I didn’t hesitate in applying. Fortunately, I got the internship and have been here ever since!

LD & Co.: When was that?

Kenna: I started my internship in 2016 and have loved it since the I first walked through the door! As graduation was approaching, I told everyone that I would love to stay on after graduation. I was not shy. The timing worked out perfectly. Around the same time I was finishing my capstone project, I got the offer to come on as a “real” LD & Co. employee. At the risk of sounding cliché (again), dreams really do come true!

LD & Co.: Oh, that’s just so inspiring. What a great story.

Kenna: Seriously though I don’t think of it as work. I truly enjoy coming into the office every day. The work is so fulfilling and fun. The collaborative environment is inspiring and so supportive. And don’t even get me started on Lita: I am a total fan girl. Think about it, she is an incredibly successful businesswoman who has succeeded in a male dominated industry as a female business owner. I feel honored to be associated with her.

LD & Co.: Your positive energy definitely proceeds you. We all love when you’re in the office. Your smile lights up a room, and honestly you have the best laugh! Julia Roberts has nothing on you.

Kenna: [laughs]

LD & Co.: What is your favorite thing about interior design?

Kenna: I love to see people’s reaction to the end product. Seeing our clients happy and enjoying and appreciating a space I have created is just an amazing feeling. Further, I enjoy problem solving and the challenge of consistently being creative and unique. Oh, and the whole process from reviewing floor plans to final installation. Hmm…I guess that’s more than just one thing, huh?

LD & Co.: That’s totally understandable. There is a lot to love about interior design. What do you wish builders knew about working with an interior design firm like LD & Co.?

Kenna: That nothing should be a secret. We are all on the same team and want same thing. And, if we become an extension of their team from the very beginning, we will be more efficient and have a better outcome for everyone.

LD & Co.: What’s a trend, or a specific component in the industry that excites you?

Kenna: Lighting. I just love all the options in lighting these days. It truly is (and should be) used as an extension of a room’s art. And while bad lighting may dampen the impact of a design, good lighting can truly elevate a design to the next level.

LD & Co.: You always incorporate such engaging lighting (when possible) into your designs. Now we know why! Thank you so much for sitting down to dish with us.

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