DIY Wall Art: A Design Trend that Sells

The do it yourself, or “looks like handmade” wall art design trend is making a resurgence. And, with good reason: it sells homes. With everything going on these days, creating a warm, cozy home is more important than ever. We want our homes to be a relaxing place where we can feel nurtured, grounded, and comfortable. One way to do this is by injecting a little personality on to the walls. However, choosing the right “personality” can be tricky when merchandising a model home as we always want to use art to stimulate feelings and imagination in a positive way. We try to help visions of dreams and aspirations, or to create a calm confidence.  Art can be very persuasive in the home buying decision. Fortunately if you know your buyer profile, and are strategic about art choices, handmade or DIY wall decor can help create that secure feeling prospective home buyers are looking for these days.

Instant Color, Texture, and Personality

Creative, out-of-the-box wall art ideas can provide instant color, texture, and personality to a space. For less than a large commissioned piece of art, wall hangings, murals, or even graphic prints can make a big impact and help set the mood of the space. Handwoven tapestries, fringed pieces, graphic prints, and vintage banner style hangings are quite popular.

Creative use of succulents help to add color and texture to this PA model home.


Another example of thinking outside the norm for wall art can be seen in this Pennsylvania model home. Using colorful skateboards, with the wheels removed, is a fun and inexpensive way to create that “must live here” feeling in a prospective buyer. (Especially ones with children or grandchildren.)

The wall decor here instantly provides a “must live here” feeling.

Sense of Place

Murals and art that demonstrate the location of the community can help reinforce location of the home and prove to be very popular and influential in the ultimate sale of the home. Again, it is about creating that feeling of “oh this has to be my home, I feel so comfortable here. I want it, I love it, I’ll buy it!”

Creating a mural out of a local scene helps to evoke a sense of home.

Messages and Slogans

Additionally, using slogans and messages as part of wall decor can have a transformative effect on the space; helping the potential buyer feel they’re actually living their dream. With thoughtful messaging it can help inspire and fulfill much needed personalization. Further, uplifting slogans help provide a little reassurance during uncertain times. And, from song lyrics to inspirational quotes there are a myriad of message-based art options out there.

Inspiring messages on this chalk wall in this Louisiana model home helps create a positive, hopeful feel to the space.


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